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PLM & Digital Transformation services

Welcome to PLM Nordic - Join our Journey to Excellence to Fool-proof your Business Needs

We guarantee to reduce your costs and increase sales with our PLM and Digital Transformation services tailored to your business needs. We offer you Scandinavian quality combined with cost-effective and service-minded solutions.Our team comprises of Teamcenter experts having  64+ years of combined experience, coming from an OEM and consulting background.

We are a 3 P (Profit with a Purpose) company. We consider three important factors, “Profit, People, and the Planet” equally while making business decisions and are flexible, transparent, following the “KANO model” which will always give you more than expected.

Our Services

PLM Services

Teamcenter PLM Services

PLM is our core strength with our team having OEM industry expertise and a deep understanding of PLM and its applications. We're a small and yet highly skilled team that has made key contributions to over 70+ PLM projects worldwide.
We provide PLM services in Europe, predominantly in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, US, UK, and India.


Digital Transformation

Industry 4.0 - AI, ML & Data services - Being an expert in product data management, we are well-positioned to exploit it for industrial use with the Internet of things, Artificial Intelligence & Big Data services.
We have invested in our digitization labs and our young and energetic engineers are building competency on tools based on various platforms. we are developing smart solutions based on these technologies and applying to Teamcenter.

Our Solutions

PLM SmartPort for Teamcenter

PLM Smartport for Teamcenter consist of:

PLM SmartPort for Teamcenter consists of an advanced single-click add-on to unlock the shortest response time and enable proactive support

24X7 dashboard monitoring for monitoring the health of your PLM system.

AI-enabled SmartBot helps users personally with everything from questions to personalized trainings.

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On-click solution

Auto-report your error with a single click


Smart Chatbot


Smart Dashboard


Smart Insights

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Why choose us

Proven Competence

Our in-house team of the Best Subject Matters Experts, Developers, and Solution Architects strive to deliver the best-in-class services to our clients.


We are flexible and open to change as per your requirements. You can choose the pace and style.

100% Quality

PLM Nordic is committed to ensuring the highest quality while meeting the industry’s best practices.

Value for Money

We offer a Pricing system that matches the budget of small, medium and large enterprises.


PLM Support & Helpline

Download e-paper on PLM support

We have designed a unique support model to answer and satisfy all the requirements and it will not cost you more than the current spend.

Need any help on Teamcenter?

Visit our PLM Teamcenter Helpline center to get details about Teamcenter errors & solutions from our experts. Get an instant solution.

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