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PLM, CAD & Digital Transformation Software & Services

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PLM Nordic is an authorized reseller for Siemens DISW Software products like Teamcenter, NX, and Solid Edge. Join us on your journey of digitalization, from software buying to implementation, service, and maintenance through our end-to-end solutions. Apart from Siemens product reselling, we have expertise in services like CAD (integration, customization, conversion, etc.), PLM (support, implementation, upgrade, data migration, etc.), and Engineering (detail design, modeling, drafting, CAE services, etc.).

We guarantee to reduce your costs and increase sales with our PLM, CAD, and Digital Transformation services tailored to your business needs. We offer you Scandinavian quality combined with cost-effective and service-minded solutions. Our team comprises Teamcenter, NX, and Solid Edge experts coming from OEM, IT, and consulting backgrounds.

We are a 3P (Profit with a Purpose) company, meaning we consider Profit, People, and the Planet equally while making business decisions. Our KANO model ensures that we always deliver more than expected. Our goal is customer success, not just customer service.

PLM & CAD Software



Get started with Teamcenter by taking control of product data and processes, including 3D designs, electronics, embedded software, documentation, and your bill of materials (BOM).


Siemens NX is a flexible and powerful integrated solution that helps you deliver better products faster and more efficiently. NX delivers the next generation of design, simulation, and manufacturing solutions.

Solid Edge

Solid Edge is a portfolio of affordable, easy-to-use software tools that address all aspects of the product development process - 3D design, design, simulation, manufacturing, design management, and more.

Our Services

PLM Services

Teamcenter PLM Services

PLM is our core strength with our team having OEM expertise and a deep understanding of PLM and its applications. We're a highly skilled team that has made key contributions to many PLM projects worldwide.
Our customers are currently located in Norway, Germany, US, Spain, UK, and India and we are happy to serve you where you are.


CAD / CAM / CAE Services

PLM Nordic has its own Center of Competence, which is led by experts who have skills and engineering expertise in various CAD, CAM, and CAE tools.
Our experts have work experience in various industries like Ship Building, Automotive, Heavy equipment manufacturing, Aerospace and Defence, etc. in implementing, maintaining, and enhancing CAD-based environments of software.

Our Solutions


PLM SmartPort for Teamcenter & NX

Innovative single click solution to report, find problem and suggest solution for Teamcenter & NX errors or issues

One-click to report errors, submit log files, screenshots & all needed information and files to TC/NX support team

Gives information in reported ticket/email if Internet, VPN was down or problem with TC components like database, TC services, access to server etc.

Analyses TC, NX log files instantly and suggest possible solution at first place saving lot of support time.

PLM SmartBot for Teamcenter & NX

A true digital assistant which performs many tasks for users to save user and admin, support time

Answer questions and answers related to Teamcenter PLM, handles spelling mistakes & unclear questions intelligently

Analytics on users and Chatbot performance, continuously learns from user interaction getting better everyday

Many more features like finds information & documents, gives images to support answer, pushes training material to users, etc.

Why choose us

Proven Competence

Our in-house team of the Best Subject Matters Experts, Developers, and Solution Architects strive to deliver the best-in-class services to our clients.

Flexibility & Faster Response Time

We are flexible and open to change as per your requirements. You can choose the pace and style.

100% Quality

PLM Nordic is committed to ensuring the highest quality while meeting the industry’s best practices.

Value for Money

We offer a Pricing system that matches the budget of small, medium and large enterprises.


PLM Support & Helpline

Download e-paper on PLM support

We have designed a unique support model to answer and satisfy all the requirements and it will not cost you more than the current spend.

Need any help on Teamcenter & NX?

Visit our Teamcenter & NX Helpline center to get details about Teamcenter NX errors & solutions from our experts. Get an instant solution.


How do you carry out the Project? What are the Timelines? What is the approach? What Access is required? What is the Pricing? What are the Prerequisites/Requirements?

What sort of services do you provide?

We provide all types of services when it comes to Teamcenter PLM, NX CAD, and other siemens products. 

We have done greenfield implementation as well as data migration from other PLM to Teamcenter. 

We have implemented a lot of Teamcenter integration with NX, Solid edge, SAP, Sold works, AutoCAD, Creo /ProE, and many more. 

We have done a lot of ITK, RAC, SOA, and AWC customizations/programming projects to save users a lot of time on Teamcenter. 

We have done a lot of upgrade projects which involved OS and Database upgrades as well. 

We are doing a lot of L1, L2, and L3 support for Teamcenter and NX.  

What are the typical ways one can engage with PLM Nordic?

We have two types of business models. 

  1. Project Based: Where your requirements and scope are well defined and we can give you a fixed cost estimation with a delivery plan /schedule. We can take full responsibility to deliver the work package for you. We bring in various experts as needed. 
  1. Subcontract /Resource /staffing based: Where our consultants work for you on a time and material basis and we bill you as per hours used monthly. You will be responsible for managing their day to days tasks.  

We work remotely from our office in Pune, India, or Bergen, Norway. But we can work from your location if needed. 

What is special about PLM Nordic? Why should we choose you?

We want to be a strategic partner for you instead of just a service provider. Hence we invest a lot of effort and management attention to give you success.

Our USPs are:

  1. Faster response:  

Helps you in faster decision-making. Reduces waiting time for quotes or answers and any technical help needed from partners. 

  1. Focussed Skill and Expertise:

Helps you to execute your PLM projects hassle-free through our PLM expertise. We can handle any problem with ease. 

  1. Immediate available PLM Resources

No delay in executing your PLM roadmap and vision due to the non-availability of PLM resources. We help you with experts and ready PLM consultants to start immediately on your PLM project. 

What is PLM?

A product lifecycle management (PLM) System is a system or software that manages and integrates all the product data, processes, business systems, and, ultimately, people in an extended enterprise.  

PLM connected with ERP and other business systems makes it possible to follow the lifecycle of each component and product itself from its birth to retirement. This can be used for smarter decisions, finding the root cause of problems, improving efficiencies, faster product development, increasing sales, and reducing costs. 

What is the difference between PDM and PLM?

PDM is a subset of PLM. PLM system has basic functions in the early stages starting with just Part data, 2D, 3D vaulting, and revision control. These basic functionalities are often called Product Data Management (PDM).  

As more and more functionalities are added like change management, business workflows, and document management, more and more departments (people) and processes are integrated, and the PLM system is well developed.

Why do we need PLM?

The objective of PLM is to reduce costs and increase sales in the following ways. 

  1. 1. Faster product development leads to more sales. 
  2. 2. Control over Product configuration (variants and options).
  3. 3. Efficiency improvement leads to lesser costs. 
  4. 4. Breaks silo, increased collaboration leads to fewer mistakes. 
  5. 5. Scalability and Accessibility 
  6. 6. Traceability 
  7. 7. Remote working, remote commissioning, and remote monitoring are possible. 

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