3 Keys to Reduce Time and Cost for Service Documentation and Tech Pubs Production

Looking for an effective solution to cut your service documents and tech pubs production time down, while reducing costs? Explore the benefits of PLM-enabled service documentation and tech pubs authoring.

Start with leading PLM software

Teamcenter, the world’s leading product lifecycle management (PLM) solution provides its users with a single source of product information that can be shared with key stakeholders across a digital enterprise. Using core Teamcenter capabilities such as BOM management, document management, workflow, and visualization – you can leverage a digital twin to develop your product and manage your product data. Extending Teamcenter capabilities into other product lifecycle domain areas like technical publications, and service planning will provide even more benefits.

Save time and reduce costs

Service documentation generated using this integrated solution approach helps technical authors work smarter and faster. With explicit and accurate 2D / 3D graphics, or animation, this rich visual content is highly effective in communicating the right part and process information to service teams. The content will help service technicians improve service quality, minimizing asset down time, and ultimately – keep your customers happy. 

Post credit : Siemens for image and article

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