3DExperience PLM


A simple, centralized platform, Dassault System’s 3DExperience Platform, gives a real-time view of all business activity and the ecosystem. It helps companies enable 3D modeling, social collaboration, and simulation to enhance the customer experience. It creates software solutions for every company and creates value while meeting personalized customer demand.


PLM Nordic AS is an acclaimed vendor to provide PLM 3DExperience Services based in Norway and India for all industries. We provide solutions to customers in the US, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and the rest of Europe. We guarantee to reduce your costs and increase sales with our services tailored to your business needs. We offer you Scandinavian quality combined with cost-effective and service-minded solutions.


Our engineering team comprises handpicked consultants from the OEM background that ensure the latest technological expertise. We also continuously strive to improve our offerings with the latest technologies like PLM on the cloud, AI with PLM, PLM analytics, and many more. Our breakthrough, innovative solution – PLM SmartPort is a one-click solution that offers to auto-report your error with a single click and provides smart insights with 24×7 dashboard monitoring.

Implementation Consulting

Implement new 3DEXPERIENCE Platform from scratch or migrate from other.


Smart customizations which are upgrade friendly and independent


Integrate with CAD, ERP, ECAD and other business systems

Software Upgrade Services

3DEXPRRIENCE Platform Upgrade from EnoviaV6 or previous versions

Data Migration Services

Data migration from different PDM/PLM system or manual files onto 3DExperience.

Tech Support

Cost effective support services with guaranteed SLA

Sub-Contractor Services

Loan our experts and leverage their varied experience with other customers

3DExperience FAQ's

What is 3DExperience?

The 3DExperience PLM is a collaborative platform that enables businesses to streamline their product lifecycle and practice innovation. The platform provides businesses a complete and real-time view of their business activity, bringing people, data, processes, and solutions in a single environment.

How is 3DEXperience different from other PLM?

The 3DExperience PLM is the only platform that acts as a system of operations to run a business as well as a business model to transform a business. It enables businesses to attain operational excellence. Businesses can design and test experiences, from concept ideation to market delivery. The platform acts as a marketplace that connects customers and service providers.

What are the benefits of the 3DExperience platform?

Given below are the benefits of the 3DExperience platform:

  • The PLM gives a unique approach to innovate by bringing all stakeholders like the R&D, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, and even the customers on a single platform.
  • A single unified platform allows applications, content, and services allowing connected networks to set up across your organization. It leads to a shorter time to market for your products and services.
  • 3DExperience provides a virtual differentiated experience that adds knowledge and eliminates the gap between experimentation, learning, and product environment, increasing productivity for all stakeholders.

Is 3DExperience available on the cloud?

Yes, it is available on the cloud. It provides cloud-based technologies and services allowing secured collaborative environments in the cloud. Customers have several options: large and small businesses, start-ups, and education.

Is it a secure platform?

The 3DExperience platform follows the following security standards and industry best practices:

  • ISO 2700x Standards (ISO 27002)
  • NIST 800 series
  • OWASP methodologies
  • CobIT framework

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