Our Story

Engineers spent a lot of time feeding information into the systems rather than spending time on design and engineering. It was quite frustrating and held back the creative and innovative product development process.


PLM and Digital Transformation require both business knowledge as well as technical competency.


Many PLM projects have become software development projects with lots of complexity but no equivalent value for business. Software developers have implemented PLM by customizing as per needs without knowing the business case. This has accrued lot of annual license and maintenance costs for business with loss of management faith.


Keeping this in mind, a group of like-minded individuals started PLM Nordic where we offer better solutions to traditional PLM problems. This digital transformation era has promoted the development of smart solutions and, we have developed intelligent solutions, predicting problems in advance and providing insights to users for better execution.

Our goal is to provide business-focused solutions using emerging technologies like AI, ML, IoT and, Big Data to increase sales and reduce costs, guaranteeing success. We are a small and, yet highly skilled team that has made key contributions to over 70+ projects worldwide. We provide services all over the globe predominantly Nordics, US, UK, and Germany but we are happy to serve you wherever you are.


We are flexible and agile in our approach to customer requirements and offer innovative models. Our KANO model ensures that we always deliver more than expected. We are a 3 P (Profit with a Purpose) company meaning we consider Profit, People and the Planet equally while making business decisions. Our goal is customer success and not just customer service.

We’r a dynamic team of creative and innovative people.

our team
  • Our Vision
  • Our Mission
  • Our Mantra
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
Make the world a better place by using Technology and Science
Be a preferred technology partner for our clients
Happy Employee and Happy Customer
We support Unicef and strive to be an eco-friendly company

Message from our Director!

PLM Nordic will never compromise quality. We consider People, Planet and Profits equally while making business decisions. We strive to be the best place to work and do business with.

What makes us different?

Many factors set us apart from the competition. We don’t work for you but work alongside you to define and implement our solutions and services to execute your strategic vision.

Innovation and Expertise

We, at PLM Nordic, are committed to identify gaps in the existing systems and processes and use technology and innovation to develop smart, intelligent solutions. It can be attributed to our domain experts for using their exceptional knowledge and prior experience in the development process. We strive to develop as well as continually update our solutions to meet our customer’s expectations.

Dynamic and Growing

We are small but a growing team of dynamic individuals that believe in adapting themselves to the customer’s needs. We serve dynamic companies like you because it is exciting to be part of something big. We want to be part of your success and also invite you to be part of ours.

Committed to Quality

We are committed to the highest standards of quality and ensure adherence to the industry’s best practices. We bring in Scandinavian quality combined with cost-effective and service-minded solutions. Our KANO model ensures that we always deliver more than expected.

Flexibility and Agility

We are flexible and open to change as per your requirements. You can choose the pace and style. Our organization is structured to react quickly to our client’s needs and issues. We do not follow a complex chain of command but strive to resolve issues quickly backed by our in-house expertise.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously. We support UNICEF and strive to be an eco-friendly company.

Our Partners



When is the company established & what is the company size?

PLM Nordic was established in 2018 with its headquarters in Norway. We have also opened an India office in 2020. We have an employee strength of 25 employees as of March 2021.

What kind of services do you offer?

We provide consultancy services for PLM Softwares which include new implementation, migration, integration with other systems, customization as per requirements, support, and similar services. We provide Engineering and Digital Transformation services with expertise in IoT, Big Data, AI, and ML technologies.

Why should we choose PLM Nordic?

PLM Nordic guarantees to achieve your business goals by providing exactly what is needed in terms of people, knowledge, and approach. We have a 100% success rate and have long-standing relationships with our customers.

Which type of industry will be benefited from your service?

We work across all types of industries.

Do you have team of experts to provide your services?

We recruit best in class people having varied experience across fields like engineering, information technology, operations, management, and business administration that help us deliver services tailored to your needs. We believe that our employees are true assets and we strive to keep them happy. We guarantee the best quality by the hand-picking talent and nurturing them continuously with our in-house training programs.

Do you provide onsite & offsite support?

Yes we provide both onsite as well as offshore/offsite services.

Is your support available 24x7?

If needed we can provide the same.

In which countries are your services available?

We provide our services globally with our existing customers based in Norway, Germany, US and India.

Can you provide references of your existing customers?

Yes, we can provide good references if you need one.

Client Testimonials

“PLM Nordic team took over our Teamcenter enhancement and support. We were surprised to see their professionalism and systematic approach. They started documenting what was done to our TC environment previously. We did not have any documentation before this and we saw great value in having this.”

“PLM Nordic has excellent expertise on Teamcenter and one can trust them for any type of project on TC. They have not only helped in the technical area but they have helped us in securing management support by converting technical language to business goals.”