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AI & ML Services

AI, IoT, Big data & Cloud are not just new technologies but they are becoming the new norm in Industry. The customer is expecting a unique and personalized experience that can only be possible using these technologies. If you are falling behind in adoption, then your competitor has a clear advantage.


Artificial intelligence has made it possible to perform certain tasks in a fraction of time, saving a lot of human effort. Applications are enormous from analysing hours of endoscopy videos in minutes to find cancer cells to recognizing faces from millions of databases. Things like 100% inspection are a reality now and can ensure defect-free products, saving enormous costs of quality.

How Can We Help?

Machine Learning

We provide end-to-end Machine Learning services built for your system. Hire our team of AI/ML experts to create algorithms that can automate your processes, reduce human intervention and errors, increasing productivity, and enhancing reliability.

Chatbot Development

Our chatbot experts will provide you with smart, intelligent, and AI-powered chatbots, tailored to your business needs. We can develop bots both for your internal and external needs. You can also click here to view our latest chatbot – SmartBot.

Data Analytics

We offer data analytics services to explore the data in detail, building an appropriate model to make optimum business outcomes. With our analytics services, you can extract relevant information, create proper data models that give real-time accurate results.

How We Work?

ai ml services

With our AI and ML expertise, be rest assured of personalized customer experiences, process automation, and innovative solutions that minimize downtimes, provide predictions and drive better business decisions.


Our team comprises AI, ML, and data science experts, developers, consultants, and more, having deep industry knowledge and expertise. We are a technology-neutral company and work with the client’s preferred technologies and tools. Using these skillsets, we will assist you through all the development stages to create a unique AI-based solution that delivers the required competitive advantage.


Technologies that we work with: TensorFlow, Python, Spark ML, OpenCV, Excel, and many more.

Why Choose Us?

Proven Competence

Our in-house team of AI/ML experts, consultants, and development experts strive to deliver the best-in-class services to our clients.

Cross-platform Integration

We are flexible and open to execute our capabilities across multiple channels and platforms.

Innovative Approach

We provide access to the latest technologies, tools and, skillsets with our domain expertise and innovative processes.

Value for Money

We offer a pricing system that matches the budget of small, medium, and large enterprises.

References/Case Studies

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SmartBot Development

Project Scope

  • Conversational Bot
  • Answers Teamcenter related questions
  • Performs tasks like – opens a document, images, and pdf
  • Can be integrated into different channels like – Microsoft teams, Skype, and Telegram
  • Handles spelling mistakes
  • Handles confusing inputs
  • Chatbot can be trained for customized data

Technlogy Stack:

Microsoft Bot Framework, Cognitive services – QnA Maker, Python

Business Benefits

  • Digital era. User demands instant attention
  • Complements your existing support team and ticketing system
  • User demands hassle-free experience
  • Saves valuable user and support time
  • An intelligent add-on solution, the need of an hour
  • Shrinking budget requires economical and effective support


  • Data preprocessing
  • Formatting the data to feed QnA Maker

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What is AI & ML?

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that is used to create intelligent systems that can imitate human intelligence. A computer program is said to learn from experience E with respect to some class of tasks T and performance measure P, if its performance at tasks in T, as measured by P, improves with experience E.

Is AI the same as ML?

No. AI is a subset of Machine Learning.

Why does AI ML matter to your business?

AI ML helps businesses in increasing customer satisfaction, offering differentiated digital services, optimizing existing services, automating business operations, increasing revenue, reducing costs.

What are the uses of AI & ML?

AI and ML are used in various fields. Some are automotive, financial services, Telecommunications, insurance, health care, energy.

Why AI is so important?

AI technology is important because it enables human capabilities – understanding, reasoning, planning, communication, and perception – to be undertaken by software increasingly effectively, efficiently and at low cost.

What type of service do we provide in AI ML?

We provide services like Teamcenter-related chatbot, different Machine learning techniques for predictive analytics, data analytics.

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