Aras Innovator

Aras Innovator

The Aras Innovator software is a platform designed with a focus on digital industrial applications. It provides a low code technology that allows quick delivery of flexible, upgradable solutions for the design, engineering, production, and maintenance of complex products. Aras offers multidisciplinary product collaboration with the development of consistent business processes. Its centralized database allows users access to the correct and updated product.


PLM Nordic AS is an acclaimed vendor to provide Aras Innovator Software Services based in Norway and India for all industries. We provide solutions to customers in the US, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and the rest of Europe. We guarantee to reduce your costs and increase sales with our services tailored to your business needs. We offer you Scandinavian quality combined with cost-effective and service-minded solutions.


Our engineering team comprises handpicked consultants from the OEM background that ensure the latest technological expertise. We also continuously strive to improve our offerings with the latest technologies like PLM on the cloud, AI with PLM, PLM analytics, and many more. Our breakthrough, innovative solution – PLM SmartPort is a one-click solution that offers to auto-report your error with a single click and provides smart insights with 24×7 dashboard monitoring.

Implementation Consulting

Implement new PLM solution from scratch or change existing

Tailoring and Customizations

Smart customizations which are upgrade friendly and independent


Integrate PLM tool with ERP, CRM, BPM or other important business systems

Data Migration

Data Migration from old system or file systems to PLM

Tech Support

Cost effective support services with guaranteed SLA

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Aras FAQ's

What is Aras PLM?

Aras is an open source product lifecycle management software from the company Aras PLM. It runs on model-based SOA application framework. The Aras functionality includes Bill of Materials (BOM), engineering change management, document management, integration with CAD/ERP, product costing, new product development & introduction, supplier coordination, quality management and many more.

How is Aras different from other PLM software?

Aras is more advanced as compared to other PLM software due to enterprise application framework, an innovative model-based service-oriented architecture. It delivers highly scalable, flexible, and supportable applications that deploy fast and integrate easily with the evolving business needs without complex programming.

Is Aras a secure software?

It is a secure PLM software, which is designed to run in environments demanding highest level of security like military and defense organizations. It has a robust security model embedded throughout the entire architecture. Secure data is controlled with Need-to-know access controls along with authentication required for each system transaction.

What different functionality does Aras comprise?

The Aras software includes out-of-the-box business-ready solutions: Product Engineering for Document Management, BOM and Change management, Program management for Phase Gate Programs and Project Management, Quality planning for APQP and FMEA processes.

Can one upload existing data and is there a utility to help with that?

One can upload existing data into the Aras software. It works in a wide range of formats. The Aras subscribers have access to a loading tool that makes it simple to upload data and files.