Discover how a cloud-based PLM can power innovation & collaboration with Teamcenter X

Innovation & collaboration with Teamcenter X

With the world changing faster than ever, manufacturers today are faced with numerous challenges to stay relevant and competitive. These challenges involve a new, distributed workforce, complex projects and the need to innovate at the pace of the market.

Benefits of cloud-based PLM software

With Siemens SaaS PLM solution, Teamcenter X, companies of all sizes can benefit from a cloud offering that gets you up and running from day one. The solution features an easy and accessible user experience, helping you to onboard teams quickly and improve time-to-value. Architected for the cloud, Teamcenter X provides instant access for all stakeholders, wherever they are based. With web-based access and no installation, it enables them to work from any device, at home, in the office or on the shop floor. The cloud-based SaaS solution also provides greater flexibility than on-premises PLM. With no perpetual license to purchase, you have the flexibility to test new functionalities and add new users as required to scale up or down to meet your changing business needs.


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