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Data Science Consulting

AI, IoT, Big data & Cloud are not just new technologies but they are becoming the new norm in Industry. The customer is expecting a unique and personalized experience that can only be possible using these technologies. If you are falling behind in adoption, then your competitor has a clear advantage.


Data science is an important component of digital transformation. An enormous amount of data collected using traditional and modern methods like IoT can be successfully used to make meaningful value analysis and quality assessment. You might already have millions of records stored in your PLM, ERP, or other business systems and are in a position to exploit that data for cost reduction, better planning, better sales, and better allocation of manpower and assets.

How Can We Help?

Big Data Analytics

We offer big data consulting services for project assessment, design, implementation, and deployment. We are also expertise in customized software development with analytics objectives specific to your needs. A comprehensive analysis, architecture, and query and reporting tools developed as per your needs.

NLP and Text Analysis

With our custom text analysis software, you can extract text data, speeding up reporting, and analysis. Our NLP solutions are designed to power your products and solutions with support automation, information access, and actionable analysis.

Predictive Analytics

We offer services ranging from data strategy consulting to customized software development and tailor client-specific recommendations. We help provide powerful insights into user behavior, action predictions with specific-built predictive models.

How We Work?


With the proven expertise of our data scientists, we help you leverage existing data to gain valuable insights, thereby understanding the target audiences, forecasting the demand, managing risks, and cost reduction.


Our team comprises data science experts consultants, engineers, and more, having deep industry knowledge and expertise. We are a technology-neutral company and work with the client’s preferred technologies and tools. Using these skillsets, we strive to transform the valuable insights into actionable components, thereby delivering sustainable competitive advantage.


Technologies that we work with: Tensorflow, Keras, NLTK, Tableau, Excel, and many more.

Proven Competence

Our in-house team of data science experts, data analysts, consulting, and development experts strive to deliver the best-in-class services to our clients.


We are flexible and open to change as per your requirements. You can choose the pace and style.

Innovative Approach

We provide access to the latest technologies, tools and, skillsets with our domain expertise and innovative processes.

Value for Money

We offer a Pricing system that matches the budget of small, medium, and large enterprises.

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