Design and Authoring services

Design and Authoring services

Global teams are essential to today’s product development; local teams alone cannot provide the same level of speed or cost-effectiveness. You can focus on your main responsibilities by outsourcing to us the design, modeling, and drafting tasks that you have chosen. If you’d like to cut expenses, we can work with you as an extended team both on and off-site. We are aware of the typical issues with such a strategy. It’s possible that your organization has tried it and discovered that training the extended workforce takes more effort than doing it alone. We have a well-thought-out plan to get over these problems and guarantee that your design team will enjoy working with you and that you will benefit from the engagement. We have experience with a variety of CAD applications, including NX, Creo, CATIA, Solid Edge, Solidworks, and AutoCAD.

Important Elements of PLM's Design Services

Conceptual Design:

Conceptual design services concentrate on developing novel and workable product concepts in the early phases of product development. This is coming up with ideas, working on prototypes, and working with cross-functional teams to make sure the idea fits both the needs of the market and the state of technology.

3D Modeling and Simulation:

Before physical prototypes are made, 3D Modeling and Simulation help engineers and designers to create virtual prototypes, test functionality, and find possible problems. It decreases the possibility of expensive mistakes in later phases and quickens the design iteration process.

Collaborative Design Platforms:

PLM combines platforms for collaborative design, enabling teams to collaborate easily across geographic boundaries. Throughout the design process, this facilitates effective communication, version control, and real-time collaboration.

Design Validation:

We involve stringent validation procedures. To make sure the suggested designs adhere to performance requirements, safety laws, and quality standards, engineers employ simulations and analysis tools. The need for revisions and rework at a later stage of the product development lifecycle is reduced by this proactive approach.

Change Management:

Change management becomes increasingly important as designs evolve. Here at PLM Nordic, we use a methodical approach to managing design changes. This entails documenting changes, assessing their impact, and ensuring that all stakeholders are kept informed and on the same page throughout the process.

Concurrent approach to integrate with other domains:

The design process follows a concurrent approach so that it can integrate with other domains such as computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), and computer-aided engineering (CAE). This guarantees a comprehensive method of product development, in which engineering and manufacturing procedures are linked to design considerations.

Data Management:

Data management includes securely organizing and storing design data, providing version control, and ensuring that the appropriate information is available to the appropriate team members at the appropriate time.

Some of our designed products include

  • – Engine Mounts

  • – Suspension Bushes

  • – Bolster Springs

  • – Torsional Dampers

  • – Steering Bushes

  • – Bump Stoppers

  • – Air Intake Hose

  • – Steering Columns

  • – Guards & supports for 2W

  • – Front Axle Assembly for Tractors

  • – Dozer blades for Excavation

  • – Chassis frame for Vibration Compressor

References/Case Studies

(contact details can be provided on request)

Case Study - Engine Mount Designs

Engine Mount Designs


  • – Engine mount design for Automotive applications

Design, Calculations & Solution:

    • – System analysis using customer input

    • – Study of the engine datasheet

    • – Mount positions calculated from customer input

    • – Benchmarking process

    • – Distribution of load on each engine mount

    • – Rigid body 6 DOF analysis as per targets given by the customer

    • – Stiffness values required to optimize customer requirement

    • – Rubber Mount shape design for stiffness

    • – Mount bracket design for strength and frequency

Why choose us?

    • – Full-service partner for engineering services solutions that align your business with customers and the highest industry standards

    • – Incredibly skilled team for designing automotive and anti-vibration components

    • – Instantaneous Resources

    • – Strong CAD and CAE skill sets and PLM as an add-on.

    • – Two foreign copyrights and two pending US patents

    • – Cut down on Development Time by outsourcing part analysis and designs

    • – Fast turnaround and 24-hour availability Backing

    • – Flexibility in ramping up and ramping down resources in accordance with business requirements

    • – Never run out of resources or skills; infrastructure able to accommodate 50–70 people

    • – No billing for administrative fees, overhead costs, office space, licenses, or workstations


What are Design Services provided by PLM Nordic?

Our comprehensive suite of services and tools is intended to help you manage the product lifecycle’s design phase. These services cover everything from design validation and collaborative platforms to conceptualization and 3D modeling.

In what ways do PLM Design Services help cut costs associated with product development?

Through simulations and validations, PLM Design Services helps reduce costs by detecting and fixing design flaws early in the process. Effective data management and teamwork also lessen the chance of mistakes and rework, which saves money overall.

How do PLM Design Services handle product development regulations?

Validation procedures that guarantee designs adhere to industry standards and laws are incorporated into PLM Design Services to support regulatory compliance. This is especially crucial for sectors of the economy where quality and safety standards are very strict.

What kinds of features are included in PLM Design Services for data management?

Strong data management features like version control, controlled access, and safe design data organization and storage are all included in PLM Design Services to guarantee that the appropriate information is available to the appropriate team members at the appropriate time.

In what ways do PLM Design Services help shorten time-to-market?

PLM Design Services plays a major role in cutting down on time-to-market by optimizing iterative design cycles, encouraging collaboration, and streamlining design processes. Because of its efficiency, products will reach the market more quickly, providing businesses a competitive advantage.

Why is change management important in the Design process within PLM?

For the purpose of recording and managing changes during the design process, change management is essential. It makes sure that changes are thoroughly recorded, assessed for their effects, and effectively shared with all parties involved, avoiding misunderstandings and possible mistakes.

What role does PLM play in collaborative design processes?

PLM incorporates platforms for collaborative design, enabling team members to collaborate in real-time even when they are spread out geographically. This makes it possible for all parties engaged in the design process to collaborate easily, exchange ideas, and advance the development of the final product.

What role do 3D modeling and simulation play in design development?

Virtual prototypes can be created using 3D modeling and simulation. This allows engineers to test the functionality of a design, identify potential issues, and make necessary changes before producing physical prototypes.

How do the services you offer support the development of innovative products?

We promote innovation by providing a platform for the generation and exploration of creative ideas. Teams can push the boundaries of creativity and come up with innovative product concepts by using collaborative tools and iterative design processes.

Is it feasible to integrate with another domain while the design is being developed?

Yes, it can easily collaborate with other domains like CAM and CAE because of the concurrent design approach. The integration of design considerations with manufacturing and engineering processes guarantees a comprehensive approach to product development.

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