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In this article:

  • BEV lightweighting starts with… simulation
  • Virtual product development in a managed environment
  • Next up, a physical prototype
  • Job done, right?
  • Here’s the trick: Correlation. Use what you have already…
  • …. If you can lay your hands on the right files


BEV lightweighting starts with… simulation

The driving range of a battery electric vehicle is a complicated function of battery capacity, packaging, chassis design, curb weight, aerodynamics, amongst others. Trying to influence one of these characteristics without impinging on the others is near impossible, and for a design to satisfy its requirements, they all need to be spot on. To cut a long story short – you need to be making the right design decisions, right from the very start.

Using simulation to inform the early-stage design process is not a new idea, and it has a pivotal role to play. What is new is the ability to bring physical test data into your SPDM platform as well. Simulation and test together, in the same place, makes for easier correlation, verification and ultimately better insight.

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