Digital Transformation & Industry 4.0 Services

AI, IoT, Big data & Cloud are not just new technologies but they are becoming the new norm in Industry. The customer is expecting a unique and personalized experience that can only be possible using these technologies. If you are falling behind in adoption then your competitor has a clear advantage.

IoT Services

IoT is not only connecting products, people and processes but also helping to make the products smarter by providing real-time data for analysis and decision making. This ability of your products to talk to you all the time has significantly reduced downtime and made products reliable to end customers. With the use of data analytics this huge IoT data can be interpreted into warnings, suggestions, validations, preventions and other proactive actions to make your product or process better.


Cloud Services

Cloud hosting is not just a wish but has become a necessity today.
Cloud is an important step in accelerating your Digital transformation journey.
Role of IT department is changing rapidly from just maintaining infrastructure to enabling more disruptive technologies to help make products better. You need not switch all of your infrastructures on the cloud but starting experience with hybrid onsite and the hosted solution is important in this journey.


AI & ML Services

Artificial intelligence has made it possible to perform certain tasks in a fraction of time, saving a lot of human efforts. Applications are enormous from analyzing hours of endoscopy videos in minutes to find cancer cells to recognizing faces from millions of databases. Things like 100% inspection are a reality now and can ensure defect-free products, saving enormous costs of quality.


Big data Services

Data analytics is an important component of digital transformation. An enormous amount of data collected using traditional and modern methods like IoT can be successfully used to make meaningful conclusions or insights. You might already have millions of records stored in your PLM, ERP, or other business systems and are in a position to exploit that data for cost reduction, better planning, better sales, and better allocation of manpower and assets.


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