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PLM and Digital Transformation require both business knowledge as well as technical competency.


Many PLM projects have become software development projects with lots of complexity but no equivalent value for the business. Software developers have implemented PLM by customizing as per needs without knowing the business case. This has accrued a lot of annual license and maintenance costs for business with the loss of management faith.


Similarly, Digital Transformation projects are failing at a faster pace due to a lack of foundational knowledge.


Again IT companies think that just implementing tools like AI, ML, AR/VR, IoT, Big data, Cloud, and methodologies like DevOps, Low Code, No Code will digitally transform the company without proper knowledge of business processes and use of these technologies.


Our goal is to provide more business-focused solutions using these technologies rather than doing the opposite. We guarantee to increase sales and reduce costs using PLM and Digital Transformation technologies suitable for your business. For achieving the same we have invested in our own digital labs where we are developing all-around competency that will guarantee success.

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