How do you carry out or implement the project?

We follow the below steps in the project. Some steps can vary depending on the project scope. 

  1. 1. Requirements gathering to determine clear scope. 
  2. 2. Submit effort estimate, plan, and timeline.  
  3. 3. After approval /PO / order, start work remotely. 
  4. 4. The team needs access via VPN or remote VM solutions. 
  5. 5. Requirements signoff. 
  6. 6. Sign-off project plan, timeline, milestones, etc. 
  7. 7. Usually, work is done on development or test environment followed by testing. 
  8. 8. After testing and approvals, we do Production deployment or guide you to perform. 
  9. 9. Lastly, training, documentation, hyper-care support, and the next phases continue. 

What is your business model?

We have the following business model

What are the prerequisites/requirements to start the project?

  • 1. The team needs access via VPN or remote VM connection. 
  • 2. A contact person from the customer side to resolve queries and remove roadblocks. 

Who will manage or lead the project?

  • 1. It depends on the scope of work. We can provide a project manager or lead. 
  • 2. Sometimes customers lead or manage the project and we provide resources. 
  • 3. We establish a Responsibility assignment -RACI matrix before starting. 
  • 4. We usually have a governance model to handle escalations and progress. 

What is the cost/price for project?

The price or cost is based on the estimation of efforts and skillsets required. We can provide an estimated cost after the initial meeting to understand the scope of activities.

How long it will take for the complete project?

The timeline is based on the scope of work and efforts. We can provide a plan after the initial meeting. 


Can the project be done remotely using online access or company will send their representative?

Both services are available. Based on the customer preference, the delivery method will be decided whether to work remotely or visit the customer organization. The cost increases if we work onsite at the customer location.

Does the company provide end-user training after the project?

Yes, we provide end-user training, train the trainer / key user training, and training documentation. 

We can help you design and develop training material, best practices, operational procedures (SOPs), and work instructions. 

Does the company provide any documentation after the project?

Yes, we provide user-friendly easy to understand documents of the complete process for customer references like requirements documents, installation documents with screenshots, configuration documents, design documents, test plans, test reports, and user documentation. 

What are the services provided by the company once the project is completed?

We can provide regular support like L1, L2, L3, L4, or further enhancements. 

Visit https://www.plmnordic.com/plm-support/  for more details. 

How does Siemens PLM Teamcenter provide a scalable solution for the company`s growth?

Siemens PLM Software provides Teamcenter solutions that can be scaled to a company’s growing PLM requirements, including: 

  • 1. Single source of product and process knowledge 
  • 2. Global collaboration capabilities 
  • 3. Requirements management capabilities 

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