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Do you want to enhance your product lifecycle? Several phases of a product, required and supplementary information, effective communication play an important role in product lifecycle management. You can gain complete control over your product from concept development to delivery with our PLM Experts.


Whether you are looking for a Teamcenter specialist, a Solution Architect, or a Developer, you will find them all at PLM Nordic.


New PLM developments are released successively, and staying up-to-date is not easy. At PLM Nordic, we recommend consulting our experts specialized in every aspect of PLM to improve productivity, save valuable time and gain customer satisfaction.

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1. Testing Experts

We specialize in working towards the design and implementation of PLM Teamcenter solutions. We drive, review, and apply test engineering concepts into the project roadmaps. Broad exposure to technologies specific to the PLM Teamcenter platform.

2. Solution Architect

We expertise in coordinating functional groups to gathering requirements and business process with all stakeholders. Mapping requirements to PLM and Teamcenter framework. BOM management, Query, PLM XML and, experience in 2-Tier, 4-Tier RAC, and Thin Client.

3. Developer

We are well-versed with researching, designing, implementing, and managing software programs. Writing and implementing code, testing, and evaluating new programs. Key skills in Java, C, C++, Angular JS, and Javascript languages.

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