IT Services

We help you reduce cost and increase sales by digitizing your business.

Whether it is a mobile app for your customers or a custom software for your business, we understand your requirement and provide you with a cost effective solution with a good quality.

Post Covid-19 it has become a necessity to provide digital platform for employees as well as your customer. We know the financial situations post pandemic and we are very flexible with payment terms and engagement models.

Software Developement

We develop cost effective and easy to implement custom software for your needs. Our team of software developers have experience on a wide array of technologies and tools. Out onsite-offsite model gives you the best combination of quality and cost. Our Agile approach gives you early look and feel of what you want and our flexible teams adjust the software as per changing requirements in a controlled manner.

Mobile Apps

We have experience on a wide variety of mobile apps development whether it is an app to book appointment for car service or to monitor the performance of a remote machine. Combined with IOT, AI  and data analytics we intend to save your costs and increase revenues using smart technologies.

IT Support

We provide IT support custom to your needs whether it is 24X7 or specific time zone. Our consultant working in different time zones are very service friendly and have overcome common problems occurring in long distant support. We compliment support activity by regular onsite visits and face to face interaction with users.

Outsouce your IT activities

You can outsource your selected IT jobs to us , so that you can concentrate on your core activities.

Examples include but not limited to below:

  • Server maintenance

  • Client setup & maintenance

  • Website development or enhancement

  •  IT procurement

  • IT project management





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