NX Checkmate is a CAD quality assurance tool used to enforce design standards, best practices, and CAD Methodology at an organizational level.

Maintaining CAD methodologies and ensuring successful outcomes are vital for an organization while adapting to the ever-changing era of product development. Siemens, with its domain-dominant expertise, has created a checkmate feature within NX to maintain organization-specific CAD quality, without impacting the product design.

Checkmate can be used to validate bulk CAD data with limited user interaction. Configuring and implementing checkmate involves contributions from various roles in an organization, such as designer, project manager, programmer, or System Administrator. This enables designers to discover errors in every phase of the product development process. Therefore, Checkmate increases product CAD quality while reducing product development time.


– Reduces costs related to engineering change orders, warranty repairs, and product recalls.

– Ensures adherence to company standards.

– Eliminates costly and time-consuming downstream corrections.

– Identifies non-compliance with company standards.

– Alerts designers to inconsistencies in CAD model geometry.

– Facilitates validation as an automatic practice rather than an afterthought.


– Validation integrated with NX using HD3D user interface, model quality checking, assembly file, and drawing checking.

– Extensive library of standard checks, authoring capabilities for custom checks.

– HTML-based reporting, dashboard, interactive, or batch mode checking.

– Full integration with Team Center.

Process for Checkmate in NX

– Open the part on which Checkmate needs to be performed.

– Navigate to HD3D Tools and select Checkmate.

– Set up the Test that needs to be performed on the part.

– Run the Test.

– Analyze the Result.

– If any errors, rectify them and re-run the test.

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