NX X - Cloud-based 3D CAD SaaS solution

NX X - Cloud-based NX Design Software

NX™ X software delivers a packaged software as a service (SaaS) cloud-based solution of advanced 3D design capabilities to allow companies to develop a comprehensive digital twin via a streamed service. This cloud-based offering delivers the same full NX design capability traditionally found in desktop installations while providing greater opportunities for distributed teams, removing overhead costs and offering a single location for data to be accessed without compromising security.

NX X also works in conjunction with Teamcenter® X software, giving users access to address their immediate product lifecycle management (PLM) needs. NX X and Teamcenter X are part of the Siemens Xcelerator as a Service portfolio.

NX X is run by Siemens Cloud Services, which makes the knowledge and best practices for installation and setup available to all customers. NX X can be rapidly deployed, meaning that customers can get started on a design project almost instantly. NX X is available anywhere around the world, with cloud hosting available in multiple regions, including North America, Europe, South Asia and Northeast Asia.

This makes connections and load times even faster. This offering also takes advantage of powerful graphic capabilities available in the cloud, sending only graphical display updates to the user’s device. This means the customer will spend less time managing infrastructure and more time designing products.

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NX X includes NX software in addition to a public cloud hosted by Siemens infrastructure, access to the certified training courseware offered through Siemens Xcelerator Academy and a secure cloud environment for data.

By using the Siemens SaaS cloud-based offering, NX X overhead costs, bottlenecks, bugs and obsolescence are eliminated. Using NX X empowers users to unleash their creativity and innovation today.

Why NX X?

Increased security

With NX X, customer data never leaves the customer’s cloud environment. Remote workers access the data from inside the NX X environment, eliminating the need to transmit files by email, have file sharing sites or removable disks. With more secure project data, this cloud solution makes it easier to collaborate across teams while keeping data integrity intact and intellectual property (IP) protected and only available to approved personnel within a company.

Reducing IT overhead

Using NX X enables users to reduce their information technology (IT) cost of ownership. NX X is a fully administered service. This removes the need for customers to manage their IT infrastructure. Siemens Cloud Services runs the entire environment, including software installation, updates and data backup. Reduced total cost of ownership means that users are now able to access the power of NX and focus solely on innovating engineering projects.


For many businesses, working remotely is necessary. Using NX X makes it possible to access the full power of NX on any device as it delivers NX via the cloud. There is no need for remote installations of software or license management. Remote teams can use the same tools and data without the burden of software installation, updates and cost of hardware at the user level, reducing overhead and increasing value.

Features and Advantages of NX X


  • NX software licenses
  • Siemens hosted cloud services
  • Siemens Xcelerator Academy certified training courseware
  • Powerful preconfigured server and GPU services


  • Speed time-to-market from any device
  • Remove IT overhead when deploying solutions for product development
  • Increase flexibility for a distributed team
  • Protect your data from disaster within an encrypted cloud environment

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What is NX X?

NX X is a set of four fully managed products that deliver the functionality of NX streamed to a user’s desktop via the cloud on AWS.  As of March 1st, we are exploring options to partner with a provider in China which we intend to introduce later in 2022.

There are three base packages that are built from the Mach 1, 2 and 3 content plus a token option.  The service is fully managed by the Siemens Cloud Services team.

What is the NX X value to my customer?

NX X allows customers to focus on developing their products, not running IT systems, it offers

  • Fully managed solution
    • Siemens manages the application and the infrastructure
    • Your customer does not need to worry about backups and upgrades
    • Our chosen providers have a proven record of high levels of security, the customer’s data never leaves your cloud environment
    • Reduced exposure to hardware obsolescence
    • Allows customers to reduce IT overheads, bottlenecks, and costs
  • Supports remote working in a single-managed environment

What about setting up things like customer defaults in NX?

As part of the initial installation package, we will work to set the customer defaults to meet your customer’s needs.  Customers will be able to tailor NX to suit their needs with things like roles and libraries.

What happens with software upgrades?

Software upgrades will be performed by Siemens Cloud Services and the NX X software will always be kept up to date.

Will NX X work in an offline mode?

NX X is a streamed-hosted service and as such will require a user to be online to access their environment.

How will my customer access NX X?

NX X can be accessed either via a web browser or via a small installable desktop plugin.

Can NX X be run on any device?

Because NX X will allow users to run NX in a browser it means NX is accessible from any device and does not rely on local compute power. We expect people to want to run NX on low-end laptops, workstations, and tablets.

While NX could be run in a browser on a mobile phone the small screen real estate and form factor will not make this the best experience.

So technically NX X will run on any device, but users may not find running NX X on a phone a rewarding experience.

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