Overcoming roadblocks to achieve digital transformation of manufacturing in the A&D industry

Digital Transformation in Plan

Digital transformation in the A&D industry has become critical to achieve smart manufacturing faster and maintain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Current roadblocks to achieving digital transformation

Many hurdles are preventing companies from achieving efficiency, cost-effectiveness and sustainability in the industry. Siemens Digital Industries Software offers digital manufacturing solutions to enable aerospace and defense (A&D) manufacturers to overcome obstacles and achieve new levels of manufacturing productivity and excellence. This article addresses the current hurdles A&D companies are facing and discusses why traditional approaches are no longer successful.

A path forward for smart manufacturing

To embark on a successful digital transformation journey, A&D companies need a clear plan and vision. This path forward involves learning how to achieve right first-time production and efficiency and how to develop a model-based manufacturing plan. Another aspect of this involves uniting the virtual and real worlds to validate your plan and reduce production costs and speed delivery time. These concepts will help companies ultimately optimize products and processes for the flexible, connected factory of the future. 

To embrace and adopt digital transformation in the manufacturing process, it’s key to understand the hurdles that many companies are facing and the flexible and scalable options for our industry to overcome them. Embracing digital transformation in manufacturing is no longer an option but a necessity for A&D companies aiming to secure a competitive advantage.  

Post credit : Siemens for image and article

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