PLM Data Migration

PLM Data Migration

Often underestimated, this topic has the potential to delay or put your project in a crisis. Data cleaning and preparations often take more time and resources than estimated. Even though migration scripts or tools are ready in time, getting a considerable amount of data in desired formats in the desired sequence is often challenging and requires many internal resources to prepare data.


Often, PLM service providers underestimate the importance of data migration practices. Migrating CAD data, part numbers, BOM issues, and incorrect or misused data is indeed a challenge. Also, most of the time this problem is looked at as only digital data transfer whereas some portions of the legacy data will be held in hard copies. Hence, such a complex process requires a defined strategy and the right expertise to achieve a successful migration.

Increase data visibility, reduce risk, control costs with our tailor-fitted data migration services

We can help you using our previous experiences with various strategies to overcome this problem and make sure your data migration is not a bottleneck. We also help to choose the right amount and the right sample of data to optimize the return. Various strategies can be chosen to avoid drowning in delta data problems.


Analysis of the existing data profile


Detailed data cleansing and migration plan


Customized solution layout for the client with scope, cost, and duration estimate


Implementing the action plan across functions


Validation and verification of the new data profile

How are we different?


1. Customised data migration strategy

2. Best-in-class services for migrating data between leading PLMs.

3. Multi-version support so you can choose the version of your choice.

4. Excellent team of data migration experts

5. Cost-effective data migration models

Choosing the right service


We understand that every migration issue is unique and different. We also understand that you may need assistance in a single step or a part of the process or the complete migration from start to end. On the assessment of your needs, we assure to provide you services that are fitted to your needs at the best price and within the required timeframe.