Automate and scale your PLM support without a human support army

PLM Smartbot – A Teamcenter-Specific Chatbot

Given the need of immediate assistance for PLM queries, a chatbot is a solution that offers personalised experience to all users. After extensive R&D, PLM Nordic has come up with the best answer with its AI-enabled Smartbot for seamless PLM support. A Teamcenter-specific chatbot, it is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance PLM support experiences by helping them give more accurate and precise answers to customer-specific queries.

  • 1. An actionable chatbot can send an email, open forms, help documents, etc.
  • 2. Systematic file handling and continuous learning.
  • 3. Relevant personalised interactions with auto-transfer to human support as needed.
  • Why do you need a Smartbot?

    •    Digital Era
    •    Customer demands instant response
    •    Save valuable user and support time
    •    An intelligent add-on solution, need of the hour
    •    Shrinking budgets require economic and effective support

    Why embrace conversational AI?

    User traffic to human support halved than existing traffic.

    Majority of user interactions automated.

    AI-enabled chatbots give hassle-free and fast responses

    Get better results with Smartbot

    Proven accuracy

    Can handle misspellings, acronyms, incomplete sentences to give precise answers.

    Faster learning

    Chatbot asks follow-up questions to understand user queries and gives links to internal documents, help documents on request.

    Continuous Improvement

    Chatbot constantly learns from historical and ongoing user interactions for optimum support experience.

    Chatbot learns from the conversations

    First-contact support

    Consistent level of support with smooth issue resolution by chatbot

    ChatBot learns from Humans

    ChatBot can be trained by feeding conversations between human support/user.

    Actionable chatbot

    Trigger-specific email opens, request forms, internal documents, wiki pages, help documents, etc.

    Consistent learning

    Learn from historical and ongoing interactions to enhance support experiences.

    Contextual interactions

    Automated interactions leading to follow-up questions for answering queries

    Systematic file handling

    Smooth access to specific files and documents on request.

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