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Why you need SmartPort?

There has been significant development in PLM software over the years but PLM support has not developed to that effect. Businesses are still using old traditional methods for support and are facing the below issues over and over.


  • User demands a hassle-free experience.

  • User demands instant and priority-based attention.

  • The support team needs an intelligent solution with automated error resolution to speed up support. 

  • The support team needs all relevant error information in the first go.

  • Business needs economic and effective support due to shrinking budgets.

problems with existing support

What is SmartPort?

One-click solution to automate TC/CAD error reporting & resolution developed by PLM Nordic as an independent add-on.


It is a Teamcenter & CAD-based solution that automatically sends & analyses log files, screenshots errors, recommends solutions, and many more.


Implementing SmartPort leads to a more than 20% reduction in support costs, a more satisfying user experience, increased system usage, and helps you to innovate faster.  

What SmartPort does?

It will radically change your Teamcenter and CAD support!!! 

  • Traditional support systems like ticketing systems and remote helpdesks are inadequate for quick resolutions.

  • PLM Nordic survey identified the need to provide solutions for enterprises with medium to large user bases.

  • We aim to help Teamcenter and CAD users maximize the value of their investments.

  • We prioritize prompt automated issue resolution and customer satisfaction.

  • Seamless integration and optimization of Teamcenter and CAD.

How it actually works?

SmartPort Features

  • One click to report errors with everything needed for support.
  • Automatically send log files, errors screenshots ++
  • Analyses log files and recommends solutions.
  • Sends resolution via self service portal for simple problems​
  • Creates tickets in existing ticketing system (Jira, ServiceNow++)​
  • Works with RAC and AWC​
  • Link to Help Site/Wiki Page/URL/FAQs/channels
  • Important Marquee/ Ticker- to show downtime/maintenance
  • Deeper Integration with Ticketing Systems

What are the benefits?


Save support costs

- Save costs in zero downtime

- Saves overall IT infra cost

- Reduces no. of support staff


Faster, easier & hassle-free

- Just one-click to reach support team

- Provides info which TC component is down

- Avoids communication problem


Saves valuable time

- No need for screen sharing and calls

- Automatic raise support tickets

- Shortest response time

Solution Roadmap

Our roadmap entails a thorough review of the client’s existing system, and current bottlenecks, combined with the client’s expectations.

We map out a detailed strategy tailored to fit our smart solution to their existing needs and deliver on them.

SmartPort FAQs

What is SmartPort?

SmartPort is our answer to your PLM support-related problems. It is an advanced one-click solution, an add-on to your existing system that solves your PLM-related problems in the shortest time. You can auto-send screenshots, log files, create support tickets, receive automatic alerts, and save valuable user time.

What is the role of SmartPort?

SmartPort plays an important role in the current digital era, where each PLM user demands a seamless and hassle-free experience. Users are facing the same issues over and over again like offsite support delay, long support queues, inadequate ticket priorities, etc. In such a scenario, a lot of valuable time is lost in resolving these errors. SmartPort is a single click add-on solution that provides proactive support, 24×7 dashboard monitoring, user-specific training guidance, and training, providing immediate assistance, resulting in zero downtime.

What are the key features of SmartPort?

SmartPort offers the following key features:

One-click to report errors, submit log files, screenshots, etc.

Gives alert when Internet, VPN, database, TC services, etc. are down

Analyze TC, NX log files and suggest a possible solution

Works with RAC, AWC, NX

Do you need to change your existing system to implement SmartPort?

No, SmartPort is an independent single click add-on solution that unlocks the shortest response time and provides proactive support. You do not need to change your existing system.

Is the SmartPort cost-effective?

SmartPort is indeed a cost-effective solution that will provide value for money. A multi-functional solution, it will provide automatic alerts, predictive maintenance, 24×7 dashboard monitoring, displaying the real-time health of your PLM system in real-time. You will save your support costs caused by delays in issue analysis.

Also, adding the SmartPort solution to your existing system will involve a thorough review of your existing system, current bottlenecks, and expectations. Hence, our smart solution will be tailor-fitted to your needs.

Will it work with my existing ticketing system?

Yes, it is an independent add-on smart solution that complements your existing ticketing system like ServiceNow, Jira, etc.

Is the pricing model of SmartPort is fixed or liscensed based?

The pricing model is fixed and it’s only a one-time cost. This one-time cost includes base software cost, implementation & training.

Still confused?

Not sure if the SmartPort is the right solution for you? We have created videos on the problems discussed above so that you relate to them and understand how SmartPort can save valuable time, and cost for you. Watch the problem series videos below to understand more.

How to get started?

Start a free 30-day trial of the SmartPort today. To get started, simply complete the contact form below or schedule a free live demo with us.

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