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The Teamcenter software portfolio is extensive, connecting people and processes across different functions. But, one may face several challenges while working with such an advanced and versatile system. We, at PLM Nordic, bring around 70+ years of combined Teamcenter experience to your disposal. Our team of experts coming from OEM backgrounds have complete knowledge of Teamcenter installation/configuration/administration along with TC-SAP integration, and cloud experience. With a strong business sense, our support specialists can help you with your Teamcenter.

Problems with Traditional PLM support


Long ticketing system queue


Difficult to explain problems to support


Delay due to long distance support


Slow response to tickets


Need of Teamcenter training

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Talk with our technical team and revolutionize support

We have designed a unique support model that answers all your problems at a cost-effective pricing model. Our solution is based on company size, location, budget, constraints, and all the factors that can affect support.

We offer different working models to suit your needs

Pay per Hour

Consultant reserved and working for you onsite or offshore.​

Pay per need

Our most popular model is pay per need wherein we assign shared support staff to you who can be engaged on demand.​

Pay per project

Define work packages, small or big and we deliver at a fixed price.​

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PLM Support, Administration and Maintenance

Why choose us

Proven Competence

Our in-house team of the Best Subject Matters Experts, Developers, and Solution Architects strive to deliver the best-in-class services to our clients.


We are flexible and open to change as per your requirements. You can choose the pace and style.

100% Quality

PLM Nordic is committed to ensuring the highest quality while meeting the industry’s best practices.

Value for Money

We offer a Pricing system that matches the budget of small, medium and large enterprises.

Our Business Model

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One-click solution to automate TC/NX error resolution.

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