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Are you tired of the slow response to your tickets?

Are you tired of hearing that this is not under our scope?

Do you face a hard time explaining problems? long distant communication problems? poor network? background noise?

Would you like the support team to automatically gets the problem alert and get back with the solution before raising the ticket?

Would it not be much effective if users have a walk-in desk for asking questions/queries/help and it does not cost you much extra than long distant support?

Would you like to get predictions about failures based on current support data?

Our Solution – Revolutionizing the support

We have designed a unique support model to answer and satisfy all the above requirements and it will not cost you more than the current spend.

Our solution is based on company size, location, budget, constraints, and all the factors that affect support.

Book a meeting with us to get a solution suitable for your PLM environment.

We know the financial situations post-pandemic and we are very flexible with our engagement models.

We offer different working models to suit your needs:

  • Pay per need: Our most popular model is pay per need wherein we assign shared support staff to you who can be engaged on demand.
  • Pay per hour: Consultant reserved and working for you onsite or offshore.
  • Pay per project:  Define work packages, small or big and we deliver at a fixed price.

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