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The Teamcenter software portfolio is extensive, connecting people and processes across different functions. But, one may face several challenges while working with such an advanced and versatile system. We, at PLM Nordic, bring around 70+ years of combined Teamcenter experience to your disposal. Our team of experts coming from OEM backgrounds have complete knowledge of Teamcenter installation/configuration/administration along with TC-SAP integration, and cloud experience. With a strong business sense, our support specialists can help you with your Teamcenter.

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We have designed a unique support model that answers all your problems at a cost-effective pricing model. Our solution is based on company size, location, budget, constraints, and all the factors that can affect support.

We offer different working models to suit your needs

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Consultant reserved and working for you onsite or offshore.​

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Our most popular model is pay per need wherein we assign shared support staff to you who can be engaged on demand.​

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References/Case Studies

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Teamcenter and NX Support

Technology Stack:

Teamcenter 12/13, NX11, EasyPlan, Visualization​

Business Benefits

  • Single source of truth - all engineering data available in one place
  • A better Document management & updating mechanism
  • Robust design and release process ensured correct data was passed downstream to SAP resulting in less rework and NCRs
  • Hassle-free work for the CAD designers as machinery library & classification are integrated with TC-NX
  • Customized reports framework reduced reporting time drastically and improved transparency between departments
  • Efficient Change management made changes traceable and less prone to errors
  • Control over product configuration using 150% BOM and variants and options


US-based Sports Car Manufacturer​ & Europe-based Electric Vehicle Manufacturer​

Project Scope

  • L1, L2, L3 Support covering Teamcenter, NX & Visualization (RAC, AWC)​
  • Installation setup and support​
  • Documentation creation and best practices​
  • Teamcenter MPP support​
  • Teamcenter workflow, stylesheets, and watermarking enhancements​
  • IPS upload to edit attributes in Teamcenter, clone TC BOM, create new items, etc.
  • CAD modelling from 2D to 3D on demand
  • Creation of NX Machinery Library
  • Create new drawing templates, part lists, and title block enhancements​
  • Creation of classification tree structure and classify existing parts​
  • EasyPlan implementation, training, and Support​


  • New environment when we took over​
  • Poor Documentation & Minimum inputs to work​
  • Changing requirements & Customers lacking deep Teamcenter know-how​
  • Task prioritization is ad hoc. Need to start/stop tasks as per changing priorities
  • Data cleaning due to migration from other PLM systems​
  • Conversion issues fixing​
  • Challenges due to users working remotely​
  • Availability as per different time zones​

Teamcenter PLM Admin and Support

Technology Stack:

Teamcenter, Solidworks, NX, Rhino, AutoCAD, Inventor, swimbulkimport, IPS_upload​


  • New environment inherited with issues
  • TC implemented by different vendor. Documentation gaps
  • Integration of new site – resistance to changes/acceptance
  • Data issues & New users


Boat Manufacturer in USA​

Project Scope (L1, L2 and L3 Support)​

  • Teamcenter Installation in a distributed environment
  • Set up development and test environments (clone), whenever needed
  • System monitoring like Dispatcher or TC service for smooth TC user sessions
  • Classification of issues, such as question, user error, bug, or enhancement requirement
  • Classification of issues, such as question, user error, bug, or enhancement requirement
  • BMIDE modifications – Custom ID generator, create custom business objects & tools to open
  • Access manager rules setup & modifications
  • Active Workspace Configuration – Stylesheets, Indexing, Global Search, 3D Visualization, new tile creation, & column configuration
  • Setup and validate customer group and roles of customer by brands - Organization setup
  • Data backup or Fail over protection measures
  • New workflow creation after analyzing current business process​
  • Developed custom VB scripts to list all children, export SW attributes​
  • Training / documentation for users and admin​

Teamcenter Maintenance and Support

Technology Stack:

Teamcenter 14 & 2312, Active Workspace, CATIA, OPCENTER​


  • Inexperienced PLM Admin with external vendors
  • No physical access to the TC environment
  • Understand & replicate issue on internal environment & then suggest solution
  • Gain confidence from the client


Electromechanical Components Manufacturer

Project Scope (L1, L2 and L3 Support)

  • Review existing environments and infrastructure and suggest improvements and optimizations​
  • ​License management, backup and recovery process setup​
  • ​Teamcenter scheduled maintenance activities like all audit logs, clearlocks & server cleanup activities on daily, weekly & monthly basis
  • Support workflow enhancements
    - Workflow to deletion of the Alternate ID​
    - Workflow to download all attachments from Item revision​
    - Workflow to auto-assign project to item, revision & all attachments by recording all approvals in TC​
  • Active Workspace configuration–
    - Command suppression for users with Viewer role, Column configuration ​
    - Update stylesheet to add BOM level properties​
    - Global search service issue​​
  • ​Teamcenter cloning to create new acceptance and sandbox environments​
  • ​Cache Server implementation for new site​
  • Catia integration admin and support activities​
  • Assessment for going to Teamcenter 2312, report submitted with recommendations​
  • ​Documentation and best practices

For more case studies visit here.


What is Teamcenter Support?

Teamcenter Support refers to the services and resources provided by service partners to assist customers with the installation, configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting of Teamcenter software. 

Teamcenter Support is vital for organizations using Teamcenter as it helps them maintain the software’s reliability, maximize its capabilities, and troubleshoot any problems that may arise during usage. 

Key aspects of Teamcenter Support include: 

Issue Resolution: Helping users encountering problems, errors, or issues with the Teamcenter software.  

Software Updates and Patches: Keeping the Teamcenter software up-to-date by providing users with access to the latest updates, patches, and fixes.  

Technical Guidance: Offering technical guidance and expertise to users who may have questions about the functionalities, configurations, or best practices within Teamcenter.  

User Training: Providing training resources and support to help users understand and maximize their use of Teamcenter. This can include documentation, tutorials, and training sessions to enhance user proficiency. 

Communication of Product Changes: Informing users about changes, enhancements, and new features introduced in the Teamcenter software. This helps users stay informed about the latest capabilities and improvements. 

License Management: Assisting users in managing their Teamcenter licenses, ensuring compliance with licensing agreements, and helping with any licensing-related issues. 

Customization and Integration Support: Providing support for organizations that have customized or integrated Teamcenter with other systems. This includes assistance with custom workflows, integrations with CAD software, and other tailored configurations. 

Can Teamcenter Support help with data migration and system upgrades?

Yes, the PLM Nordic Support team can often assist with data migration projects and system upgrades to ensure a smooth transition and minimal disruptions to your PLM environment.

Can I extend or renew my Teamcenter Support contract?

Yes, most support contracts can be extended or renewed to continue receiving assistance and updates. Please get in touch with the PLM Nordic representative to discuss renewal options.

What is the typical response time for Teamcenter Support?

Response times can vary based on the severity of the issue and your support contract. Critical issues may receive a faster response than routine inquiries. Review your support contract to understand the approximate response times.

How can I request additional training for my team through Teamcenter Support?

You can typically request additional training by contacting your Teamcenter Support representative. They can provide information on available training programs and help you schedule sessions for your team. Also, provides you with the necessary standard documentation available. If needed, can also create new documentation based on need.

Can I get on-site support for Teamcenter issues?

Yes, some support agreements offer on-site assistance for complex issues or implementation projects. On-site support may be available as part of a premium support package or on a case-by-case basis. 

To get all the information, please do get in touch with us at

How is Teamcenter Support priced?

The cost of Teamcenter Support varies depending on the level of support required and the size of your organization. Support contracts are typically priced based on factors such as the number of resources used, the complexity of your installation, and the level of service required, & many more. 

To get the exact cost estimation, please do get in touch with us at 

Is Teamcenter Support available 24/7?

The availability of 24/7 support may vary depending on your specific support agreement and location. PLM Nordic often provides different levels of support, including standard business hours support and extended or 24/7 support for critical issues.

How can I contact Teamcenter Support?

You can usually reach out to Teamcenter Support via various channels including telephone, and email, or by accessing a dedicated customer portal on the PLM Nordic website. The specific contact details and communication methods may vary based on your individual support agreement and geographical location. 

What types of Teamcenter Support are available? OR What kind of issues can Teamcenter Support help with?

Teamcenter Support services are designed to assist users in various aspects of using Siemens Teamcenter, a comprehensive Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution. The types of Teamcenter Support can be broadly categorized into the following: 

Technical Support: 

Issue Resolution: Addressing technical issues, errors, or bugs encountered by users. This involves diagnosing problems and providing solutions to ensure the smooth operation of Teamcenter. 

Software Updates: Delivering patches, updates, and new releases to keep the software current and in line with the latest features and security standards. 

Functional Support: 

User Guidance: Offering assistance to users in understanding and effectively utilizing the various functionalities of Teamcenter. 

Best Practices: Providing guidance on best practices for configuration, workflow design, and other functional aspects of Teamcenter. 

Training and Education: 

User Training: Conducting training sessions, webinars, or providing educational resources to enhance user proficiency and maximize the benefits of Teamcenter. 

Documentation: Supplying comprehensive documentation, manuals, and tutorials to aid users in navigating the features and capabilities of Teamcenter. 

Customization and Integration Support: 

Customization Assistance: Supporting organizations in customizing Teamcenter to align with specific business processes and requirements. 

Integration Support: Assisting with the integration of Teamcenter with other software applications, such as CAD tools, ERP systems, or third-party applications. 

License Management: 

License Support: Managing Teamcenter licenses, providing guidance on license options, and addressing any licensing issues or questions. 

Knowledge Base 

Maintaining a knowledge base with articles, FAQs, and troubleshooting guides to help users find solutions independently. 

Incident Management: 

Ticketing System: Utilizing a ticketing system to track, prioritize, and manage user-reported incidents, ensuring timely resolution. 

Customer Support Portal: Providing users with access to a customer support portal for submitting and tracking support requests. 

Product Updates Communication: 

Release Notes: Communicating information about new releases, updates, and enhancements in Teamcenter to keep users informed about the latest features. 

Emergency Support: 

24/7 Support: Offering emergency support services for critical issues that may arise outside regular business hours. 

Are there self-help resources available for common Teamcenter issues?

Yes, PLM Nordic can create organization-specific documentation for users to troubleshoot common issues independently. These resources can be valuable for minor problems and general guidance. 

PLM Nordic also created the following webpage with a more common issue.

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