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Follow below approach for all types of errors

Errors can be classified into the following major categories

1. Parts specific errors

2. Session errors

3. Configuration errors

4. Software errors

5. Unknown errors

Every type of error requires specific approach. First it is important to determine the type of error. Start from ascending order of list above.

1. Once error is reported, get the log file and see if anything can be found.

2. Try to duplicate error for other parts. If it is not throwing error for other parts then its part specific. Inspect part, method used and find solution.

3. If the error is not part specific try to duplicate it on other user machine. If it is not duplicated then user session or installation has the problem. Check if correct version and patch is installed. All necessary pre-requisites are installed. If it still doesn’t work restart the machine and check. If not possible, restart NX and Teamcenter. Most of the errors are usually session errors that go after restart.

4. If you see the error coming on more than one user machines then check for Teamcenter and NX configuration. Check if any new template has been added or any new customization has been added or any customer default has been changed etc.

5. If any recent upgrade has been made to software check for compatibility or reported bugs on GTAC site. Most software bugs can be found on GTAC site.

6. If the error cannot be categorized and identified, then it must be reported as PR.

Teamcenter NX Errors & Solutions

Error 1. BMIDE Deployment: Rich Client having problem while log in after deployment

Details: After doing hot deployment on Teamcenter server, we encounter different errors.


Delete or Regenerate Client Meta Data Cache and Meta Data Cache

Use at your own risk!

Use on server in a TC-Command Shell. Use this only if necessary (and in system – downtime)

# Delete

generate_metadata_cache -u=infodba -p=infodba -g=dba -delete

generate_client_meta_cache -u=infodba -p=infodba -g=dba -t delete all

# Regenerate

generate_client_meta_cache -u=infodba -p=infodba -g=dba -t generate all

generate_metadata_cache -u=infodba -p=infodba -g=dba -force

Error 2. Teamcenter AWC UID parameter missing in URL


> Unable to view folders after upgrading to Active Workspace V6.0.2.

> Login succeeds but after pressing the Folders tile

or Folders icon button on the Global navigation toolbar on the left side

the error message of the UID parameter missing in the URL

> Does not occur with all users.

Problem Image

UID Parameter missing in the URL


> User had to clear browser cache.

> For example,

Settings –> Privacy and security –> Clear browsing data –>

Time range = All time


> Use a new web browser tab to login to Active Workspace.

Error 3. The proxy cannot locate or start an FMS client Cache…TC failed to start giving fcc error


Details: This error can occur due to many reasons. In this case, In Tc11.3.0.1, if the TEM option to install ‘Teamcenter Rich Client (2-tier and 4-tier) was used. Later it was decided to remove them (uncheck in TEM) and install (check) the standard ‘Teamcenter Rich Client 4-tier, the installation did not reset FMS_HOME user variable and the %TC_ROOT%tccs directory was missing the file ‘fcc.xml’


in this case fcc.xml was missing due to install, uninstall operations.

1) Set the FMS_HOME variable to %TC_ROOT%tccs as a Windows User variable.

2) Use the fcc.xml.template to create a ‘fcc.cml’. All that was needed was the correct URL for:

<parentfsc address=”http://yourserver:4544/” priority=”0″ />

for Other cases, troubleshooting is needed.

Error 4. Upgrade to TC 11 failed during temp upgrade


Details: Log file will list text like :

post-non-schema-delete:202 of 220:install:install-enq_support1678d736.jnl,install-enq_support1678d736.syslog:1:Execution of command failed


Change sql compatibility level to 2016

Error 5. After TC 11 upgrade - excel not closing on server


Create a folder “Desktop” in “C:WindowsSysWOW64configsystemprofile” and give full permissions

Open Start > Run > regedit

Go to “HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerUser Shell Folders” and modify the key “Cache” with a valid path (ie: C:tempcache ).

previous value in server – %USERPROFILE%AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsINetCache

Modified Value in server – C:tempcache

Run a test command in Pool Manager for reports – command from syslog. report should be closed.

Error 6. Nothing happens after login to TC – Frozen screen

Details:Teamcenter froze after login or revise or other operations.


Can happen due to many reasons. Most common fix is to delete files from temp & other places for other user ids.



This may solve problem many times but if problem persists we need to look for other reasons in log file.

Error 7. No condition engine defmodule is found. Error while revise or save as


The issue is with the “clips rules” dataset – it contains an incorrect file(or) outdated. Regenerate it manually by following steps will resolve this issue

Steps to resolve:

  1. In My Teamcenter, do a Dataset Name search for “clips rules”.

  2. Check Named References; export Text rules file to local path

  3. Open a TC command shell.

  4. Run the following: bmide_setupknowledgebase -u=<user> -p=<password> -g=<group> -regen=true


  1. The “clips rules” dataset is regenerated.

  2. Exit TC rich client and restart.

7, Try Revise Item Revision in new TC session.

Error 8. Not able to change rev ID manually



Change preference Assigned_item_rev_modifiable

Error 9. Teamcenter is slow


  1. Check RAM size, CPU speed, Hard disc type should be SDD

  2. Adjust the JVM size in the Teamcenter.ini file to a higher value, e.g.512Mb.

  3. Clean the JVM memory by Help -> About -> Click on the basket near to JVM Memory.

  4. Exclude Teamcenter portal install folders and all of its subfolders from Virus scanning.

These may help generally but if you have bigger problems like slow database or data model problems then those need to be resolved.

Error 10. Java heap memory error


  1. edit teamcenter.ini file











Error 11. Sequence number for repeated items should be same in BOM.


  1. Add site preference PS_new_seqno_mode  = existing

    To change default start & increment

    1. Load the ITK code examples ( or via tem).

    1. Find sampleexamplesuser_part_no.c.

    1. Modify the constants DEFAULT_SEQUENCE_NO & USER_SEQ_NO_INCR to value 1.

    /* Initial sequence number */

    #define DEFAULT_SEQUENCE_NO “1”

    /* Do not modify this constant. */

    #define TC_BOM_SEQ_NO_INCR “10”

    /* User defined sequence no increment. */

    /* Can be modified by the user according to requirement */

    #define USER_SEQ_NO_INCR “1”

    1. Compile, link and deploy.

Error 12. Ugmaster dataset cannot be created: ``AIE is enabled ...``


  1. The problem where Ugmaster dataset cannot be created and gives an error: “AIE is enabled …” is due to system configuration.

    The error “AIE is enabled, however the item type/dataset is not configured with AIE” happens when new Item Types are created and AIE is not updated. Subsequent dataset creations on the new item type will cause this error.

    Just run following command;

    aie_clean_datamodel_objs.exe infodba ******* dba –ds_type=all

    In some specific cases, $IMAN_ROOT/bin/aie_clean_datamodel_objs.exe needs to be run with the updated ugmaster_dms.xml.

Error 13. FMS error in 4T route available or FSc not assigned


  1. Check transientvolumeid  using backup_xmlinfo -u=infodba -p=infodba -g=dba

    Modify  transient volume entry in fmsmaster file to be same as backup_xmlinfo value.

    <fsc id=”FSC_cinsun4_v10002a1″ address=”http://cinsun4:44021″>

       <transientvolume id=”f4986a4ab9b155d11da1afceb35f55ac” root=”/m/v10002/transientVolume_v10002a” />


    Caution : check syntax after modifying xml file.

    Check tc variables Transient_Volume_RootDir environment variable, Transient_Volume_Installation_Location environment variable/preference