PTC Windchill Customization

PTC Windchill customizations are typically programmable automation that saves a lot of user time, for example

  • Custom reports for single or multi-level BOM report with custom columns and formats.

  • Single click automation to check assembly or parts before release.

  • Workflow handlers to trigger activities automatically or check things.

  •  Integration with legacy or custom software.

  • Data Migration utilities for handling huge quantities of data.

PTC Windchill provides a lot of APIs that can be used for many different applications.


We have specialist PTC Windchill developers on all kinds of Windchill customizations:

  • RAC customization for Rich Client-based changes.

  • ITK customizations for server-side customizations and standalone utilities. 

  • SOA customizations. 

  • Combination of above. 

  • Active Workspace Customisations.

  • Any other type of customization using different programming languages. 


At PLM Nordic, we focus on the smart customization principle.

  • We make customizations as independent as possible reducing the impact on core functions.

  • We make customizations easy for future upgrades.

  • We employ best practices and past experience to give you the best value for money.

  • We evaluate different technologies and choose the right one.

  • We create proper documentation and test reports for you. 


We also offer a unique ©De-customization service to :

  • Reduce complexity

  • Improve performance

  • Reduce dependency on programming

  • Reduce maintenance cost

  • Reduce the cost of errors

As PTC Winchill evolved, it is possible that past customizations can be achieved with configuration changes only.

Overview of PTC Windchill customization

PTC Windchill is a product lifecycle management (PLM) software solution designed to help organizations manage their product development processes. Windchill offers a range of customization options to tailor the software to specific business needs. Customization in PTC Windchill can involve various aspects, including user interface modifications, workflow adjustments, and integration with other enterprise systems. Here is an overview of PTC Windchill customization:


User Interface Customization:

Layout and Navigation: Users can customize the layout of the Windchill user interface to match their workflow and preferences. This may include rearranging widgets, adding custom dashboards, and configuring navigation menus.
Personalization: Individual users can personalize their interface by choosing which information and features are most relevant to them.


Workflow Customization:

Process Templates: Windchill allows organizations to define custom workflow templates that align with their specific product development processes. This includes defining the sequence of tasks, approvals, and transitions between different stages.
Lifecycle Definitions: Customize product lifecycles to match the stages and phases unique to your organization. This involves defining states and transitions for items in Windchill, such as parts and documents.


Data Model Customization:

Attributes and Classes: Customize the data model by adding or modifying attributes associated with different types of objects (e.g., parts, documents). This allows organizations to capture and manage additional information specific to their needs.
Business Rules: Implement custom business rules to enforce specific behaviors or conditions within Windchill, ensuring compliance with organizational processes.


Integration and Interoperability:

APIs and Web Services: PTC Windchill provides APIs and web services that enable integration with other enterprise systems such as ERP, CAD tools, and CRM systems.
Data Exchange: Customize data exchange mechanisms to facilitate seamless information flow between Windchill and other applications.


Reporting and Analytics:

Custom Reports and Dashboards: Organizations can create custom reports and dashboards to analyze and visualize data within Windchill. This allows for better decision-making and tracking of key performance indicators.
Data Extraction: Customize data extraction processes to export information in the desired format for further analysis or reporting.


Security and Access Control:

Access Permissions: Tailor access control settings to restrict or grant access to specific users or groups based on their roles and responsibilities.
Security Policies: Implement custom security policies to ensure data confidentiality and integrity.


Documentation and Training:

Custom Documentation: Create customized user guides, manuals, and documentation to assist users in understanding the organization-specific customizations.
Training Programs: Develop training programs to educate users on the customized features and workflows implemented in Windchill.


Remember to follow best practices and thoroughly test customizations to ensure they align with business requirements and do not negatively impact system performance or stability. Additionally, staying informed about updates and new features in PTC Windchill is crucial for maintaining a well-customized and efficient PLM environment.


What is PTC Windchill customization?

PTC Windchill customization refers to the process of tailoring the PTC Windchill PLM software to meet specific organizational requirements. This involves modifying the user interface, workflows, data models, and integrations to align with unique business processes.

Why should an organization consider customizing PTC Windchill?

Organizations customize PTC Windchill to streamline and optimize their product development processes, enhance user experience, and ensure the software aligns precisely with their business needs. Customization allows for greater flexibility and adaptability to unique workflows.

What aspects of the user interface can be customized in PTC Windchill?

Users can customize the layout, navigation menus, and dashboards in the PTC Windchill user interface. Personalization options also allow individual users to tailor their experience by choosing relevant information and features.

How can workflows be customized in PTC Windchill?

Workflows in PTC Windchill can be customized by defining process templates and lifecycle definitions. This includes specifying the sequence of tasks, approvals, and transitions between different states and stages of product development.

What is the role of data model customization in PTC Windchill?

Data model customization involves modifying attributes and classes associated with different types of objects (e.g., parts, documents) to capture and manage additional information specific to organizational needs. It also includes implementing custom business rules.

How does PTC Windchill support integration with other enterprise systems?

PTC Windchill provides APIs and web services that enable seamless integration with other enterprise systems, such as ERP, CAD tools, and CRM systems. This ensures consistent data exchange and interoperability across the organization.

What types of reports and analytics can be customized in PTC Windchill?

Users can create custom reports and dashboards to analyze and visualize data within PTC Windchill. Customization options include defining specific key performance indicators and tailoring the presentation of data for better decision-making.

Is security customizable in PTC Windchill?

Yes, organizations can customize security settings in PTC Windchill to control access permissions and implement security policies. This ensures that sensitive data is protected, and users have the appropriate levels of access based on their roles.

How can organizations ensure the stability of customizations in PTC Windchill?

Thorough testing is essential to ensure that customizations align with business requirements and do not negatively impact system performance. Following best practices, staying informed about updates, and regularly reviewing and updating customizations contribute to system stability.

Are there resources available for learning and documentation on PTC Windchill customization?

Yes, PTC provides documentation, user guides, and training materials for PTC Windchill customization. Additionally, the PTC community forums and support services offer valuable resources for users seeking assistance and sharing insights on customization challenges.

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