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An out-of-the-box solution, PTC Windchill, is your answer to managing and collaborating complete information about your product development and manufacturing processes. Windchill’s open architecture allows complete integration with other enterprise systems like IoT, giving a solid base to your product-driven digital process. Its distributed product development functionality enables real-time collaboration across firewalls.


PLM Nordic AS is an acclaimed vendor to provide PTC Windchill Services based in Norway and India for all industries. We provide solutions to customers in the US, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and the rest of Europe. We guarantee to reduce your costs and increase sales with our services tailored to your business needs. We offer you Scandinavian quality combined with cost-effective and service-minded solutions.


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PTC Windchill and Its Uses

PTC Windchill is a product lifecycle management (PLM) application suite that provides a systemic enterprise-wide approach to maintaining product and process quality throughout the entire product lifecycle. It is a comprehensive platform that offers out-of-the-box functionality and highly configurable role and task-based apps.


Windchill’s open architecture enables easy integration with other enterprise systems, including IoT, providing a solid foundation for a product-driven digital thread. With easy, secure data access for multi-disciplinary and geographically distributed teams, quality-focused processes, and a data-driven approach to manufacturing, Windchill is elevating how product development gets done.

PTC Windchill software finds applications across a wide range of industries and disciplines, but let’s break it down into some key areas.


1. Design and engineering

– Managing CAD data
– Bill of materials (BOMs), product configurations, and revisions
– Facilitating collaboration between designers, engineers, and other stakeholders.


2. Aerospace and Defense

– Managing complex product configurations, ensuring compliance with strict regulations, and traceability of components for safety-critical systems.
– Automotive: Managing vehicle platforms and variants, optimizing supply chains, and streamlining regulatory compliance.
– Life Sciences: Managing medical devices, ensuring compliance with FDA regulations, and tracking product changes and recalls.

– High Tech: Managing complex electronic products, tracking intellectual property, and facilitating collaboration with global teams.


3. Software and Systems Engineering
– Integrating software development with mechanical design, managing requirements and test data, and tracking changes throughout the development lifecycle.
– Customer Experience Management: Managing customer feedback, complaints, and warranty claims, and driving product improvements based on customer insights.
– Quality Management: Managing non-conformance issues, corrective action plans (CAPAs), and conducting failure analysis.


4. Cloud-based PLM
– Windchill offers cloud-based deployment options, enabling scalability and accessibility for companies of all sizes.
– Digital Twin Creation: Windchill data can be used to create digital twins of products, which can be used for simulation, predictive
maintenance, and other applications.
– Overall, PTC Windchill’s flexibility and scalability make it suitable for a wide range of organizations in diverse industries. Its core focus on PLM offers robust solutions for managing product data throughout its lifecycle, while its additional applications expand its reach into other areas like software development, customer experience, and quality management.

Key features of PTC Windchill

1. Product Data Management
– Version control
– Search and retrieval
– Centralized repository

2. Collaboration
– Project management
– Workflows
– Teamwork

3. Manufacturing and Service

– Bill of materials (BOM) management
– Quality control
– Service and support

4. Scalability and Integration

– Enterprise Scalability
– Integration with other software tools

Is PTC Windchill a PLM or PDM?

PTC Windchill is actually both a PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and PDM (Product Data Management) system. While it offers core PDM functionalities like managing product files, bills of materials (BOMs), and revisions, it also extends beyond to encompass the broader scope of PLM.


PDM Features
– Centralized repository
– Version control
– Workflow management
– Collaboration tools


PLM Features
– Process management
– Integration with other enterprise systems
– Compliance management
– Analytics and Reporting


So, while Windchill has strong PDM capabilities, it goes beyond simply managing product data. It provides a platform for managing the entire product lifecycle, making it a true PLM system.


What is PTC Windchill?

PTC Windchill is a product lifecycle management (PLM) application suite that provides a systemic enterprise-wide approach to maintaining product and process quality throughout the entire product lifecycle.

How is PTC Windchill useful?

PTC Windchill PLM gives an all-round functionality to help businesses capture product structures from computer-aided design tools, convert them into engineering bill of materials (eBOMs), to manufacturing bill of materials (mBOMs), and service bill of materials (sBOMs) while maintaining the links between different perspectives of the product. It helps overcome organizational roadblocks, enabling teams to work faster and shorter times to market at lower costs.

What makes PTC Windchill useful from other PLM?

Given below are some of the key features of PTC Windchill that help differentiate it from other PLM:

  • Performance Advisor that makes it easy to connect Windchill to PTC technical for receiving updates to optimize and maintain system performance.
  • Users can build new promotion requests for altered or new check-in data by filtering important objects like MCAD designs, ECAD designs, requirements, analysis, etc.
  • Windchill 11 has included a Quality Extension for ThingWorx update which makes it easy for collecting product data and analyzing it on its after-market usage and performance.
  • The new version of Windchill 11 also includes PTC Navigate that enables PLM information to be accessible to all stakeholders involved in the product delivery. This role and the task-based app is an easy-to-use interface.

What is the difference between PTC Windchill and PTC Integrity?

Integrity no longer exists as a separate brand. It has been completely integrated into the Windchill platform, offering a holistic PLM solution to users.

Existing users of Integrity products: Their existing functionality and support continue uninterrupted under the Windchill brand. They benefit from streamlined access to functionalities from both the former Windchill and Integrity offerings.

For new users: Windchill now provides a comprehensive set of PLM tools under one centralized platform, simplifying the selection and implementation process.

How does PTC Windchill ensure data security?

PTC Windchill takes a multi-layered approach to data security, ensuring the protection of your valuable product data throughout its lifecycle.

What is PTC Windchill upgrade?

A Windchill upgrade is the strategic migration of your existing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system to a newer version. This crucial process
unlocks access to cutting-edge features, enhances performance and security, and ensures continued compatibility with evolving industry standards.

How does PTC Windchill facilitate collaboration?

PTC Windchill facilitates collaboration in several ways, helping break down information silos and streamline product development across various teams and organizations.

Does PTC Windchill integrate with other software tools?

Yes, PTC Windchill is designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of other software tools to create a cohesive product development ecosystem.

Can PTC Windchill automate workflows?

Yes, PTC Windchill offers robust capabilities for automating workflows.

Can PTC Windchill be accessed remotely?

Yes, PTC Windchill can be accessed remotely through several methods:

1. VPN (Virtual Private Network)
Establishes a secure, encrypted connection between your device and your company’s network. Once connected, you can access Windchill as if you were physically in the office.

2. Web Browser
Windchill provides a web interface that can be accessed from any device with a web browser. No additional software is required. Accessible through the company’s firewall and appropriate security measures.

3. Remote Desktop Connection (RDC)
Allows you to control a remote computer running Windchill from your device. Full access to the Windchill application and its features.

How do I change my workspace in PTC Windchill?

1. Access the Workspace Management Tool:

Windchill Workgroup Manager: Go to Tools > Server Management.

Standalone Windchill Browser: Navigate to the relevant product or project.

Click on the Workspaces link.

2. Select the Desired Workspace:

Locate the workspace you want to activate from the list of available workspaces.

3. Activate the Workspace:
Right-click on the chosen workspace and select the appropriate activation option: Activate Workspace: Activates the workspace on the current server.

Activate Workspace and Set Primary: Activates the workspace and makes its server the primary server.

4. Confirm the Change (if prompted):
In some cases, you may need to confirm the workspace change in a dialog box.

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