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Simcenter 3D/ NX Nastran solutions deliver a unified, scalable, open and extensible environment for 3D CAE with connections to design, 1D simulation, test, and data management. Simcenter 3D / NX Nastran speeds the simulation process by combining best-in-class geometry editing, associative simulation modeling and multi-discipline solutions embedded with industry expertise. Fast and accurate solvers power structural, acoustics, flow, thermal, motion, and composites analyses, as well as optimization and multi-physics simulation.

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Go faster – through a common engineering desktop
Comprehensive meshing and modeling tools support multiple simulation applications and give you the unique capability to associate your analysis model to design data

Model the complexity – by simulating many physics phenomena
The Simcenter 3D/ NX Nastran simulation solvers for structures, acoustics, structural dynamics, durability, motion, thermal, electromagnetics and more help you predict real-world performance for many physics domains.

Explore the possibilities – through simulation automation
Simcenter 3D/ NX Nastran lets you automate modification of geometry, simulation models and solution parameters so that you can explore with integrated design space exploration tools.

Stay integrated – through seamless data management
Simcenter 3D/ NX Nastran keeps your simulation processes tied to this longer thread with a seamlessly managed environment that connects with simulation data management. This keeps your simulation processes in sync with digital development processes like CAD, routing, product requirements and manufacturing processes.

Enjoy flexible licensing
Simcenter 3D/ NX Nastran offers value-based token licensing so instead of purchasing individual licenses for each add-on module, you can buy packs of tokens that allow you and your team to instantly access most Simcenter 3D/ NX Nastran modules.


• Full product development options on a single platform.
• The comprehensive geometry tools will save a significant amount of time on modeling.
• Simcenter 3D/ NX Nastran is based on a predictive- rather than a validation-based engineering methodology.
• It allows you to explore design ideas and visualize concepts for a fraction of the cost of costly physical testing.
• Seamless integration of CAE and 3D modeling, provides insights into how to improve quality, cut costs, and maximize product performance.


• Integrated, multidiscipline pre-/post-processing
• Structural analysis
• Structural dynamics
• Acoustic simulation
• Durability and fatigue analysis
• Motion simulation
• Electromagnetics simulation
• Materials engineering
• Thermal analysis
• Multiphysics
• Additive manufacturing build simulation
• Design space exploration and optimization
• Seamless data management
• Flexible pipes, hoses and cables

Industry Applications:

Siemcenter 3D gets applications in various industries. In aerospace, it is used for analyzing aircraft structures, wings, and landing gear systems. In the automotive industry, it helps in evaluating the performance of vehicle components such as chassis, suspension systems, and crashworthiness. It is also used in the manufacturing sector to optimize machining processes and improve the structural integrity of components.


What is Simcenter 3D/ NX Nastran?

Simcenter 3D/ NX Nastran helps you model and evaluate complex product performance through revolutionary improvements in simulation efficiency. By integrating multiple physics domains together from a single simulation modeling environment, you gain better insight into your products’ performance faster.

What are the capabilities of Siemens NX Nastran?

Simcenter 3D/ NX Nastran offers a range of features, including linear and nonlinear analysis capabilities, static and dynamic analysis, fatigue analysis, thermal analysis, optimization tools, and multi-physics simulations. It also supports various element types, material models, and boundary conditions to accurately model complex engineering problems.

How does Simcenter 3D/ NX Nastran differ from other analysis software?

Simcenter 3D/ NX Nastran stands out due to its advanced solver technology and integration with other Siemens software tools, such as Siemens NX CAD. It provides a comprehensive solution for simulation, allowing engineers to perform a wide range of analyses and streamline the design process.

What types of analyses can be performed using Simcenter 3D/ NX Nastran?

Simcenter 3D/ NX Nastran supports various types of analyses, including linear static analysis, modal analysis, buckling analysis, frequency response analysis, transient analysis, and random response analysis. It also has capabilities for durability and fatigue analysis, as well as coupled-field analysis involving multiple physical phenomena.

Can Simcenter 3D/ NX Nastran handle large and complex models?

Yes, Simcenter 3D/ NX Nastran is designed to handle large and complex models. It utilizes parallel processing and efficient algorithms to handle millions of degrees of freedom, allowing engineers to simulate and analyze large-scale structures with ease.

Does Simcenter 3D/ NX Nastran provide optimization capabilities?

Yes, Simcenter 3D/ NX Nastran includes optimization capabilities to help engineers find optimal designs. It supports shape optimization, topology optimization, shape optimization, and sizing optimization, enabling users to automatically explore and refine designs based on specified objectives and constraints.

What are the system requirements for running Siemens Simcenter 3D/ NX Nastran?

The system requirements for running  Simcenter 3D/ NX Nastran can vary depending on the specific version and configuration. It typically requires a compatible Windows operating system, sufficient RAM and disk space, and a supported graphics card. Detailed system requirements can be obtained from Siemens’ official documentation.

Is Simcenter 3D/ NX Nastran compatible with other CAD and CAE software?

Simcenter 3D/ NX Nastran integrates seamlessly with other Siemens software tools, such as Siemens NX CAD and Simcenter Star CCM+, enabling smooth data transfer between different stages of the product development process. It also supports various industry-standard file formats, allowing interoperability with other CAD and CAE software.

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