The Solid Edge Experience at Realize Live 2024

The Solid Edge Experience at Realize Live 2024

Discover how to get your digital transformation real, fast, for a better, smarter, more sustainable tomorrow at Realize Live 2024. Through a mix of community-based learning, connection-building and collaborative problem solving, learn how to work smarter, operate more efficiently and produce transformative outcomes.

What to expect at Realize Live 2024

Wherever you are in your digital transformation journey, the Solid Edge Experience, one of many product-centric experiences available at Realize LIVE 2024, is designed to improve your proficiency with our software, fomenting peer-to-peer learning and networking across the Siemens Software community. This lineup of compelling and interactive sessions and presentations, goes from the latest product innovation trends, success stories from industry peers, Solid Edge techniques and best practices, to an exclusive sneak peek of the Solid Edge 2025 release.

Solid Edge Experience Sessions

The Solid Edge experience at Realize LIVE 2024 includes a wide range of sessions, including breakout sessions, customer presentations, roundtables, hands-on workshops, and more.

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