Enhance User Experience with Teamcenter Active Workspace

Teamcenter Active Workspace

Today, majority of the users are looking for a web-based solution that can help easily access data, assist in data visualization and CAD integration. Teamcenter’s Active Workspace client is the perfect answer for this user requirement. It is an inventive web-based client that streamlines the product lifecycle management for your product life cycle.

The Active workspace client is integrated with multiple elements to help you get all your data easily and quickly, enabling smoother collaboration. It is a web-based client, so you need not install it. You can get a clear UI of all your products and processes with minimum clicks. You can also customize Teamcenter as per your requirements and see how it feels.

Include features

Web-friendly client with no installation needed.

Artificial intelligence-based platform providing necessary tips to users.

Role-based information access for all users.

Extensive search features with innovative product structure navigation.

Access Teamcenter Anywhere, Anytime With PLM Nordic Assistance

PLM Nordic’s Teamcenter Center of Competence include people having vast experience in implementing, maintaining, and enhancing Teamcenter web-based environments. Our PLM experts come from an OEM background with consulting expertise, providing you with the best consulting, tailored to your needs. Having constant update on latest technologies like AI, Big Data, IOT and many more, our R&D team will help you ramp up your existing systems to reflect these technologies.

Teamcenter Active Workspace AWC

AWC Services we offer


Get a complete ramp-up of your existing Teamcenter with Active Workspace client.


Receive customization and configurations by changes in your core file, tailored to your needs.


Stay updated with the latest Teamcenter AWC upgrade achieving maximum efficiency.


AWC Personalized training assistance for all professionals to enhance their capabilities, as and when required.


What is Teamcenter active workspace?

Active workspace is a user-friendly internet-based client to Teamcenter PLM software of SIEMENS. It has an AI-assisted and adaptive user interface, which makes Teamcenter users work efficiently. It can be accessed from all computing devices like computers, laptops, and even smartphones. Benefits of using active workspace are –

  1. It requires Zero Installation.
  2. It Does not require any plug-in such as ActiveX or java
  3. It runs virtually on any device that supports HTML5 or CSS3.

What is indexing in active workspace?

The Indexing Server is the foundation for full-text search from the Active Workspace client. The components involved in Indexing are – Dispatcher, Indexing engine and Indexer.

  • Dispatcher(optional)

An asynchronous executor and load balancer of scheduled jobs that is used if Dispatcher-based Indexing Mode is deployed.

  • Indexing Engine

This feature installs the Solr database, which is a full-text search engine that stores indexed Teamcenter data. It is installed by selecting the Indexing Engine feature in TEM.

  • Indexer

This feature installs the TcFTSIndexer, which is a four-tier SOA client used to export Teamcenter data for importing into the Solr database. This service manages overall indexing processes. It is installed by selecting the Indexer feature in TEM. The TcFTSIndexer is run manually for the initial indexing and can be scheduled to run periodically for subsequent updates.

What is Workspace object in Teamcenter?

Workspace object is any part, design, document, or other entity which is stored in the system. In Active workspace, thumbnails are used for different types of object types for example

How do I install active workspace?

Teamcenter Active Workspace installation using TEM on Windows host.

What is the use of active workspace in Teamcenter?

AWC Is a standalone active workspace client accessed through a web browser. We use some browsers for accessing the AWC, like Chrome, Firefox, and internet explorer. AWC is integrated with different PLM applications like Teamcenter, windchill, NX, CATIA, etc. The primary utility of active workspace in Teamcenter is it gives the users the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, from any browser, from any device. Compared to client-side customizations it is much easier to extend Active workspace according to company preferences.

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