Teamcenter Change Management

What is Change Management?

Teamcenter provides functionality that enables you to initiate, administer, review, approve, and execute product changes, using your company’s business process similar to the one shown here.

teamcenter change management

Change management process is bridging factor between engineering, operations and manufacturing process. Effective product change management is critical to continuous and systematic product improvement.
- Automate change related process
- Minimize change related work

With Teamcenter®, you can use the power of PLM to optimize your product change management processes, and realize innovation. You have a clear understanding of the data, people, and processes impacted by a change, enabling you to effectively plan. Leverage flexible change processes that meet your specific needs. These processes drive execution and help provide full change traceability. With product change management, you can effectively manage the evolution of your products, issues, and improvements, while also implementing change quickly, accurately, and comprehensively to better respond to your customers’ needs.

Why Change Management?

- One of the biggest challenges in manufacturing company is keeping track of all the changes during the lifecycle of a product. Each time a new version of a part is introduced, it has impacts on products, BOMs, routing as well as supply chain.
- Change in vehicle design arises due to various reasons like customer requirement, cost reduction, product development and so on. As the design change need arises it should be mapped in a release process.
- The current Teamcenter enterprise framework has design release issues which need to be addressed and solved through a new design release workflow in Teamcenter unified by mapping all the business processes.

Change Management Business Objects

business objects in teamcenter change management

Process flow

How do I install Change Management in Teamcenter?

To enable Change Manager During installation: 

You need to run tem.bat from TC_ROOT\INSTALL folder

- Select Configuration manager in Maintenance panel Click next
- Select perform maintenance on an existing configuration in configuration maintenance panel Click next
- Select your configuration Click next
- Select Add/Remove Features in feature maintenance panel Click next
- Select Change Management in the Select Features panel under Extensions→Enterprise Knowledge Foundation in Teamcenter Environment Manager.
- Read and click “OK” Click next
- Provide credentials for Teamcenter admin user “infodba” Click next
- Verify change management template in database template summary panel Click next
- Review the Configuration and click “Start” to install.
- Review the installation status and click “Close”.

Interface in Teamcenter

teamcenter change management interface

Features and Benefits of Teamcenter Change Management


  • It is used during the introduction of a new part or new product in market and replacement of an old part with newly developed part according to customer requirement.
  • Ability to document, review and approve business case
  • Evaluate the impact of individual product changes
  • Verify conformance to documented requirements
  • End-to-end change execution with standardized, flexible, closed-loop processes
  • Schedule Manager integrations to manage complex change
  • Workflow technology implementation for the change management allows you to improve your product faster than your competitor.

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  • Reduce risk by fully understanding the impact of changes.
  • Reduce change costs, risks and cycle times.
  • Guarantee compliance with standards and business rules.
  • Spend less time analyzing, managing and implementing changes.
  • Optimize change management and support audits with full traceability of changes.

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What is change management in Teamcenter?

Product change management in Teamcenter helps you manage your change processes across all impacted domains, timelines, and resources. Powerful workflow and schedule management capabilities make it easier for you to manage complex changes.

What are the benefits of Teamcenter Change Management?

  • – Enables you to improve your products faster than your competition
    – Allows you to quickly respond to marketplace dynamics
    – Provides you with the option of expediting simple product changes or formally controlling complex changes
    – Integrates entitled suppliers and allied partners into your change processes
    – Enables decision-makers to understand the business case that justifies a proposed change
    – Ensures adherence to corporate standards and business rules
    – Leverages continual improvement loops across your change processes

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