Teamcenter Customization

Teamcenter customizations are typically programmable automation that saves a lot of user time, for example

  • Custom reports for single or multi-level BOM report with custom columns and formats.

  • Single click automation to check assembly or parts before release.

  • Workflow handlers to trigger activities automatically or check things.

  •  Integration with legacy or custom software.

  • Data Migration utilities for handling huge quantities of data.

Teamcenter provides a lot of APIs that can be used for many different applications.


We have specialist Teamcenter developers on all kinds of Teamcenter customizations: 

  • RAC customization for Rich Client-based changes.

  • ITK customizations for server-side customizations and standalone utilities. 

  • SOA customizations. 

  • Combination of above. 

  • Active Workspace Customisations.

  • Any other type of customizations using different programming languages. 


At PLM Nordic, we focus on the smart customization principle.

  • We make customizations as independent as possible reducing the impact on core functions.

  • We make customizations easy for future upgrades.

  • We employ best practices and past experience to give you the best value for money.

  • We evaluate different technologies and choose the right one.

  • We create proper documentation and test reports for you. 


We also offer a unique ©De-customization service to :

  • Reduce complexity

  • Improve performance

  • Reduce dependency on programming

  • Reduce maintenance cost

  • Reduce the cost of errors

As Teamcenter evolved, it is possible that past customizations can be achieved with configuration changes only.

References/Case Studies

(contact details can be provided on request)

Custom dataset import utility

Technology Stack:

TC12.4.0.5, Microsoft Excel version 2007 and later, OS – Windows, Java, C, C++.


  • Data collection from tiff, pdfs, and MS Office files.
  • Different patterns of data with different nomenclature.
  • Work with custom data in Teamcenter.
  • Multiple Dependent LOV’s to the attributes.
  • Log4j vulnerability fixes.

Business Types

An US based service & solution provider of rotating mechanical equipment’s.

Project Scope

  • Custom Utility to import pdfs, tiffs, and MS Office datasets into Teamcenter.
  • Create items if it does not exists in Teamcenter.
  • Intelligence to assign item ids based on folder or filenames in input folder.
  • Intelligence to assign Revision IDs based on importing user's group and role.
  • Inputs to the utility are folders containing dataset files.
  • Utility will be launched From Teamcenter Rich client.
  • An intermediate Excel used for modifying and checking data before import into TC.
  • Merge of multiple tiff files to pdf according to the same item id before import.

Business Benefits

  • Business benefits in terms of increased productivity.
  • Easy import of data on demand by user.
  • Old legacy data from files gets added and updated into Teamcenter.
  • User can modify old data easily before import with the help of excel.
  • Takes less time as compared the same operation manually.
  • Bulk data cleaning is not necessary as users clean data on demand.

Workflow handlers, dry-run and TC automations

TC13.1, OS –Windows, Java, C, C++.

Business Types

An Europe based heavy machinery manufacturer.

Project Scope

  • Custom action handler to copy change notice pdf to common folder after release
  • Custom rule handler to check everything before release and report to user what needs to be fixed
  • Custom button in Rich Client to trigger specific custom reports.
  • Custom save button which overwrites classification name on TC item name.

Business Benefits

  • Increased productivity by saving lot of manual efforts.

Bulk data migration utilities

PLM Data Migration

TC12, OS –Windows, C, C++.

Business Types

US Based manufacturer.

Project Scope

  • Custom utility to export existing data from Teamcenter - all Items, IRs, properties, BOMs
  • Oracle queries to extract data from Windchill
  • Custom utility to create items in bulk as per flat file input
  • Custom utility to create references between item revisions in TC.

Business Benefits

  • Saved lot of business hours for data migration using automations

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