PLM Teamcenter Customization

Teamcenter customizations are typically programmable automation that saves a lot of user time, for example

  • Custom reports for single or multi-level BOM report with custom columns and formats.

  • Single click automation to check assembly or parts before release.

  • Workflow handlers to trigger activities automatically or check things.

  •  Integration with legacy or custom software.

  • Data Migration utilities for handling huge quantities of data.

Teamcenter provides a lot of APIs that can be used for many different applications.


We have specialist Teamcenter developers on all kinds of Teamcenter customizations: 

  • RAC customization for Rich Client-based changes.

  • ITK customizations for server-side customizations and standalone utilities. 

  • SOA customizations. 

  • Combination of above. 

  • Active Workspace Customisations.

  • Any other type of customizations using different programming languages. 


At PLM Nordic, we focus on the smart customization principle.

  • We make customizations as independent as possible reducing the impact on core functions.

  • We make customizations easy for future upgrades.

  • We employ best practices and past experience to give you the best value for money.

  • We evaluate different technologies and choose the right one.

  • We create proper documentation and test reports for you. 


We also offer a unique ©De-customization service to :

  • Reduce complexity

  • Improve performance

  • Reduce dependency on programming

  • Reduce maintenance cost

  • Reduce the cost of errors

As Teamcenter evolved, it is possible that past customizations can be achieved with configuration changes only.

References/Case Studies

(contact details can be provided on request)

Custom dataset import utility

Technology Stack:

TC12.4.0.5, Microsoft Excel version 2007 and later, OS – Windows, Java, C, C++.


  • Data collection from tiff, pdfs, and MS Office files.
  • Different patterns of data with different nomenclature.
  • Work with custom data in Teamcenter.
  • Multiple Dependent LOV’s to the attributes.
  • Log4j vulnerability fixes.

Business Types

An US based service & solution provider of rotating mechanical equipment’s.

Project Scope

  • Custom Utility to import pdfs, tiffs, and MS Office datasets into Teamcenter.
  • Create items if it does not exists in Teamcenter.
  • Intelligence to assign item ids based on folder or filenames in input folder.
  • Intelligence to assign Revision IDs based on importing user's group and role.
  • Inputs to the utility are folders containing dataset files.
  • Utility will be launched From Teamcenter Rich client.
  • An intermediate Excel used for modifying and checking data before import into TC.
  • Merge of multiple tiff files to pdf according to the same item id before import.

Business Benefits

  • Business benefits in terms of increased productivity.
  • Easy import of data on demand by user.
  • Old legacy data from files gets added and updated into Teamcenter.
  • User can modify old data easily before import with the help of excel.
  • Takes less time as compared the same operation manually.
  • Bulk data cleaning is not necessary as users clean data on demand.

Workflow handlers, dry-run and TC automations

TC13.1, OS –Windows, Java, C, C++.

Business Types

An Europe based heavy machinery manufacturer.

Project Scope

  • Custom action handler to copy change notice pdf to common folder after release
  • Custom rule handler to check everything before release and report to user what needs to be fixed
  • Custom button in Rich Client to trigger specific custom reports.
  • Custom save button which overwrites classification name on TC item name.

Business Benefits

  • Increased productivity by saving lot of manual efforts.

For more case studies visit here.


What is Teamcenter Customization?

Teamcenter Customization refers to the process of tailoring and modifying the Teamcenter product lifecycle management (PLM) software to meet specific business needs and requirements. It involves extending or enhancing the functionality of Teamcenter through configuration, scripting, programming, and integration with other systems.

Why would I need to customize Teamcenter?

There are several reasons why you might need to customize Teamcenter. Some common reasons include adapting the software to align with your organization’s unique business processes, integrating Teamcenter with other enterprise systems, automating repetitive tasks, enhancing user experience, and adding specialized functionality to meet specific industry requirements.

What are the customization options available in Teamcenter?

Teamcenter provides various customization options, including:

  • • User interface customization: Modifying the Teamcenter user interface (UI) to match your organization’s branding, changing layouts, adding or removing fields, and creating custom forms.
  • • Workflow customization: Designing and configuring custom workflows to automate business processes, approvals, and notifications.
  • • Data model customization: Extending or modifying the data model to include additional attributes, relationships, or business objects.
  • • Business rule customization: Defining custom business rules to enforce specific data validation, behavior, or automation.
  • • Report and query customization: Creating custom reports, queries, and dashboards to extract and present data in the desired format.
  • • Integration customization: Integrating Teamcenter with other enterprise systems, such as ERP, CAD, or MES, to enable data exchange and process synchronization.

What programming languages are used for Teamcenter customization?

Teamcenter customization can be performed using various programming languages, including but not limited to:

  • • Java: Teamcenter is built on the Java platform, and Java is commonly used for server-side customization, such as creating custom services or extensions.
  • • C/C++: Used for low-level customization, such as developing custom data model extensions or server-side logic.
  • • JavaScript: Frequently used for client-side customization, such as extending the Teamcenter Rich Client (RAC) or creating custom user interface components.
  • • Teamcenter ITK (Integration Toolkit): A C/C++ API provided by Siemens PLM for advanced customization and integration with external applications.

What are the best practices for Teamcenter customization?

Some best practices for Teamcenter customization include:

  • • Clearly define customization requirements before starting the development process.
  • • Follow the recommended customization approach provided by Siemens PLM.
  • • Leverage out-of-the-box Teamcenter functionality as much as possible before resorting to customization.
  • • Test customizations thoroughly to ensure they meet the desired requirements and do not introduce unintended issues.
  • • Document customizations thoroughly for future reference and maintenance.
  • • Stay updated with Teamcenter releases and ensure customizations are compatible with newer versions.

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