PLM Data Migration

PLM Teamcenter Data Migration

Often underestimated, this topic has the potential to delay or put your project in a crisis. Data cleaning and preparations often take more time and resources than estimated. Even though migration scripts or tools are ready in time, getting a considerable amount of data in desired formats in the desired sequence is often challenging and requires many internal resources to prepare data.


Often, PLM service providers underestimate the importance of data migration practices. Migrating CAD data, part numbers, BOM issues, and incorrect or misused data is indeed a challenge. Also, most of the time this problem is looked at as only digital data transfer whereas some portions of the legacy data will be held in hard copies. Hence, such a complex process requires a defined strategy and the right expertise to achieve a successful migration.

Increase data visibility, reduce risk, control costs with our tailor-fitted data migration services

We can help you using our previous experiences with various strategies to overcome this problem and make sure your data migration is not a bottleneck. We also help to choose the right amount and the right sample of data to optimize the return. Various strategies can be chosen to avoid drowning in delta data problems.


Analysis of the existing data profile


Detailed data cleansing and migration plan


Customized solution layout for the client with scope, cost, and duration estimate


Implementing the action plan across functions


Validation and verification of the new data profile


– Siemens IPS Upload utility

– PLM Nordic custom import utility

– PLM Nordic DB reporting tool

– PLM Nordic attribute update utility

– Siemens IPEM utility for Creo data migration

– Siemens SWIM Bulk import utility for Solidworks data import

– Siemens CMM utility

– PLM Nordic migration utilities

Our Service Model

How are we different?


1. Customised data migration strategy

2. Best-in-class services for migrating data between leading PLMs.

3. Multi-version support so you can choose the version of your choice.

4. Excellent team of data migration experts

5. Cost-effective data migration models

Choosing the right service


We understand that every migration issue is unique and different. We also understand that you may need assistance in a single step or a part of the process or the complete migration from start to end. On the assessment of your needs, we assure to provide you services that are fitted to your needs at the best price and within the required timeframe.

References/Case Studies

(contact details can be provided on request)

Teamcenter Data Migration Project

Technology Stack:

TC12.4.0.5, Microsoft Excel version 2007 and later, OS – Windows, Teamcenter RAC customization.


  • Data collection from tiff, pdfs, and MS Office files.
  • Different patterns of data with different nomenclature.
  • Work with custom data in Teamcenter.
  • Multiple Dependent LOV’s to the attributes.
  • Log4j vulnerability fixes.

Business Types

An US based service & solution provider of rotating mechanical equipment’s.

Project Scope

  • Custom Utility to import pdfs, tiffs, and MS Office datasets into Teamcenter.
  • Inputs to the utility are folders containing dataset files.
  • Utility will be launched From Teamcenter Rich client.
  • An intermediate Excel used for modifying and checking data before import into TC.
  • Merge of multiple tiff files to pdf according to the same item id before import.

Business Benefits

  • Business benefits in terms of increased productivity.
  • Easy import of data on demand by user.
  • Old legacy data from files gets added and updated into Teamcenter.
  • User can modify old data easily before import with the help of excel.
  • Takes less time as compared the same operation manually.
  • Bulk data cleaning is not necessary as users clean data on demand.

Windchill to Teamcenter Data Migration

Technology Stack:

Teamcenter, NX, Windchill, Creo, IPS, IPEM, WPM extractor.


  • Merging of two different businesses with different business processes, data models, and people.​
  • Technical Challenges with merging CAD BOM and Part BOM.​
  • Business Change Management.​
  • Multiple vendors working in silos.
  • Project Management rigor lacking.

Business Types

Wind Turbine Manufacturer, Europe

Project Scope

  • Contribute to one PLM mission to define target operating model and provide an integrated PLM system that supports the e2e processes.
  • Data Migration strategy from Windchill to Teamcenter.
  • Project Management to ensure the migration goes in the right direction and completes in a defined timeline.​
  • Lead Windchill to Teamcenter Migration workstream.​
  • Project Management activities related to migration like planning, reporting, follow-up, etc.​
  • Deliver as per business expectations according to timeline and scope.​
  • Report to management as per reporting guidelines.​
  • Coordination with different streams.​
  • Pre study for moving TC to the cloud.​
  • Data migration activities by PLM Nordic Team (Extraction, Transformation & Load)​
  • Delta Migrations, Post migration runs, synchronize data between WNC and TC.​
  • TC Script Development: Windchill to TC BOM compare, cmd line and RAC version.​
  • NX Script development: Make ref only, change UG Geometry.​

Bulk data migration utilities

PLM Data Migration

Technology Stack:

TC12, OS –Windows, C, C++.

Business Types

US Based manufacturer

Project Scope

  • Custom utility to export existing data from Teamcenter - all Items, IRs, properties, BOMs
  • Oracle queries to extract data from Windchill​
  • Custom utility to create items in bulk as per flat file input
  • Custom utility to create references between item revisions in TC.

Business Benefits

  • Increased productivity by saving lot of manual efforts.

For more case studies visit here.


What is Teamcenter Data Migration?

Teamcenter Data Migration refers to the process of transferring existing product data and related information from legacy systems, spreadsheets, databases, or other sources to the Siemens Teamcenter PLM platform. It is a crucial step in adopting or upgrading to Teamcenter for improved data management and collaboration.

Why is Data Migration necessary when implementing Teamcenter?

Data migration is necessary when implementing Teamcenter to ensure a smooth transition from existing systems and to consolidate dispersed data into a centralized and comprehensive PLM solution. It enables organizations to benefit from Teamcenter’s advanced capabilities, collaboration tools, and improved data management features.

What are the common challenges in Teamcenter Data Migration?

Data migration to Teamcenter can present various challenges, including data complexity, data mapping difficulties, data quality issues in the source system, system downtime during migration, and ensuring a disruption-free transition.

How do I plan for Teamcenter Data Migration?

Planning for Teamcenter Data Migration involves developing a comprehensive strategy that outlines the migration goals, scope, timeline, resource allocation, and risk assessment. Proper planning is essential to ensure a successful migration process.

What steps are involved in the Data Migration process?

The Data Migration process typically includes data assessment, data cleansing and validation, data mapping and transformation, testing and validation, and the final migration. Each step ensures that the data is accurately represented and seamlessly transferred to Teamcenter.

How can I ensure data accuracy during the migration process?

Data accuracy can be ensured by conducting a thorough data assessment and cleansing process before migration. It is crucial to validate the migrated data through extensive testing and use transformation rules to convert data to the required format in Teamcenter.

Can data migration cause downtime and disruptions in my operations?

Yes, data migration can cause temporary system downtime, leading to disruptions in regular operations. To minimize downtime, consider performing the migration in stages or incrementally, and have a contingency plan in case any issues arise during the process.

What benefits can I expect from Teamcenter Data Migration?

Teamcenter Data Migration offers various benefits, including improved collaboration among teams, enhanced data integrity and accuracy, advanced data management features like version control and access control, increased productivity, and a future-ready PLM system.

How long does the Data Migration process usually take?

The duration of the Data Migration process depends on the volume and complexity of the data being migrated, the quality of the source data, and the chosen migration approach. It is crucial to plan and allocate sufficient time for a thorough and successful migration.

Do I need to back up my data before initiating the migration?

Yes, it is essential to create backups of your source data before starting the migration process. Backups act as a safety net in case any issues occur during the migration, allowing you to revert to the original data if needed.

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