Teamcenter Deployment Center

Teamcenter Deployment Center

Deployment Center is a web-based installer that enables you to easily install, patch, and upgrade Teamcenter software across multiple environments. With Deployment Center, the admin can install a single or distributed Teamcenter environment. PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) administrators can easily overview all the environments (Development, Production, Training, Test) installed within the organization on a single UI. Also, it can manage and maintain all these environments.

Common methods used to install Teamcenter

Installation using TEM

It is a widely followed method. An experienced person is required to install Teamcenter, who has good troubleshooting skills.

Batch Scripting

It is also another option but for creating the script, a person should have good command on installation as well as programming and it required lots of time to create the script.

However, with the Deployment Center once the admin feeds the input and generates the script then anyone can install Teamcenter.

Teamcenter Deployment Software

It takes required inputs from the user and according to that Deployment Center generates a script file. A single-click environment will be installed and ready to use. also, installation progress can be tracked on Deployment Center.

Administrators can manage and surveillance on their environment through Deployment Center.

From Deployment Center web-based UI, you can get all the records of how each of your environments is configured, along with machine names, where the software dump files are stored, and available software packages versions are also shown. You can see the architecture of components where you can find information regarding servers and databases.

Administrators can select the machines, ports, URLs, usernames, passwords, and component settings for the target machines in an environment. Also, administrators can customize their environment based on knowledge of hardware infrastructure, the number of users, and which applications are used by business units.

Modifications can be done in following ways:

  • 1. Upgrades to new versions
  • 2. Adding a new patch
  • 3. Add and remove components like 2tier and 4tier clients, BMIDE, AWC, etc.

Note: you can control all of it from Deployment Center, set up Teamcenter to new customers, new machines, or new servers also, You can manage and maintain a couple of PLM environments from Deployment Center net-based UI and easy-to-use equipment, which saves your enterprise money and time.

Configure and modification

Deploy Environments Overview


  • Upgrade Teamcenter environment.
  • Options for managing software in the repository.
  • Tracking deploys script progress.
  • Installation of Distributed environments.
  • Deploy custom BMIDE templates.
  • Configuring a load balancer in your environment.

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  • Reduce the effort, Stress, and time of the employees.
  • Maintain environment in organized way.
  • A single person can maintain all the installation processes.
  • Deployment Center Reduce the costs of managing Teamcenter environments by reducing the number of people, steps, and time involved in software deployment.

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Can I upgrade Teamcenter using Deployment Center?

Yes, you can do the major upgrades through the deployment Center.

Can I deploy BMIDE template and Push Custom Files using Deployment Center?

Yes, you can deploy BMIDE templates. also, you can push custom files to the server-side as well as client-side.

Which Teamcenter version Deployment Center support?

It supports 11.4 and later the Teamcenter versions which have DC Contribution files in their software package.

Can I add my existing environment into Deployment Center?

Yes, you can add your existing environment into Deployment Center for that you have to run (send_configuration_to_dc) utility.

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