Teamcenter Integration for CATIA V5

Manage, share and re-use CATIA data to improve collaboration and overall business performance

The Teamcenter® software integration for CATIA V5 allows you to reduce your product development cycle times and cost by enhancing your CATIA V5 environment to support best-in-class collaboration within your organization, as well as with customers and suppliers. The integration provides access to a full range of product lifecycle management (PLM) capabilities to further optimize your design-through-manufacturing processes.

Capture, manage and share CATIA V5 data

The integration supports multiple ways for the user to interact with Teamcenter including a CAD Centric User Interface which simplifies and improves the user experience, Teamcenter Active Workspace which provides intuitive access to a full range of PLM functionality, as well as the traditional Teamcenter client, all designed to help you further optimize your design-through-manufacturing process.

The Teamcenter integration for CATIA V5 enables all the design information created in CATIA V5 to be captured, controlled and shared by your organization in a single, highly secure PLM environment that includes version management and access controls to ensure that the right people get the right information at the right time.

Extend the value of CATIA with Teamcenter Rapid Start and Active Workspace

For new Teamcenter customers who want to get up and running quickly, you can choose the Teamcenter Rapid Start deployment option for Teamcenter, which delivers a preconfigured product data management (PDM) environment that is focused on managing everyday tasks and processes for product development. Preconfigured industry best-practice workflows including design release and engineering change ensure that processes are completed consistently and efficiently.

Active Workspace is a simple and intuitive user interface for Teamcenter that enables CATIA designers to work efficiently and effectively in a collaborative environment. The PDM environment can be extended to include non-CAD users through Active Workspace’s browser-based user interface or integration with Microsoft Outlook.

Multi-CAD collaboration and design in-context

Teamcenter support for multi-CAD deployments enables design teams to create and modify component designs on any major CAD system, and assemble their innovations into a multi-CAD product design. Teamcenter can be used to synchronize product information to ensure that everyone is working from the latest designs while automatically managing both native and neutral CAD representations.

Further improving productivity, Teamcenter design “in-context” and spatial search capability enables CATIA designers to quickly navigate large amounts of product and process information needed to establish the proper spatial context for their design activity. By performing detailed searches of the model, such as “show me everything connected to the engine, braking or rear suspension system” Teamcenter will retrieve only the relevant design data, regardless of the source of the multi-CAD data, helping the designer retain the context of the total product.

The CATIA V5 integration is supported by both Teamcenter and Teamcenter Rapid Start, which power innovation and productivity by connecting people and processes with knowledge.


  • Reduce costs and development cycle time by facilitating collaboration in your CATIA environment
  • Enable your technical staff to spend less time trying to find the correct revisions to CATIA data
  • Facilitate consistent work processes followed across all data formats
  • Develop faster product change and approval processes resulting in decreased time-to-market
  • Enable the integration of CATIA files with all technical data to provide a single source of product information that supports the complete design-through-manufacturing process


  • Use Teamcenter PLM functions available on the CATIA V5 interface
  • Create and edit CATIA V5 models, drawings and assembly relationships
  • Perform partial load and load merge for efficient assembly management
  • Create new product revisions or version updates for work in progress
  • Generate drawing title blocks using Teamcenter attributes
  • Manage mechanical properties of CATIA models and assemblies
  • Provide on-demand access to the user’s Teamcenter workplace
  • Store, load and migrate CATIA V4 data to V5


What is Teamcenter Integration for CATIA V5?

Teamcenter Integration for CATIA V5 is a software solution that enables seamless integration between Siemens’ Teamcenter Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software and Dassault Systèmes’ CATIA V5, a popular computer-aided design (CAD) software. This integration allows users to manage CATIA V5 data directly within Teamcenter, improving collaboration, data management, and design lifecycle control.

What are the benefits of Teamcenter Integration for CATIA V5?

Some key benefits of this integration include:

Centralized data management: Users can store, manage, and version control CATIA V5 files within Teamcenter, ensuring data integrity and accessibility.
Enhanced collaboration: Team members can work concurrently on the same CATIA V5 assembly or part, avoiding conflicts and improving productivity.
Change management: Changes made to CATIA V5 designs can be tracked, controlled, and communicated effectively through Teamcenter’s change management capabilities.
Reuse and standardization: Teamcenter enables efficient reuse of CATIA V5 designs and standard components, reducing duplication of efforts and promoting best practices.
Cross-disciplinary collaboration: Teamcenter Integration allows teams from different disciplines to collaborate seamlessly by providing a single platform for data access and sharing.

Is Teamcenter Integration for CATIA V5 compatible with different versions of CATIA V5 and Teamcenter?

Yes, the integration is designed to support various versions of both CATIA V5 and Teamcenter. However, it’s essential to check the compatibility matrix provided by Siemens and Dassault Systèmes to ensure that the specific versions you are using are supported.

Can Teamcenter Integration for CATIA V5 manage other CAD data formats?

While the primary focus of this integration is on CATIA V5 data, Teamcenter is a versatile PLM system capable of managing data from various CAD software. It can also support other formats like NX, Solid Edge, AutoCAD, etc.

Does the integration support bi-directional synchronization?

Yes, Teamcenter Integration for CATIA V5 offers bi-directional synchronization. Changes made in CATIA V5 can be automatically reflected in Teamcenter, and vice versa, ensuring data consistency between the two systems.

How does Teamcenter Integration for CATIA V5 handle CAD data revisions?

When CAD data is revised in CATIA V5, the changes are managed through Teamcenter’s revision control system. This allows users to track different versions of a design, maintain a revision history, and revert to previous versions if necessary.

Is Teamcenter Integration for CATIA V5 a separate software installation?

Yes, Teamcenter Integration for CATIA V5 is typically a separate module that needs to be installed and configured in both the Teamcenter and CATIA V5 environments. Integration may require collaboration between the Siemens and Dassault Systèmes support teams or authorized partners.

Are there any specific licensing requirements for using Teamcenter Integration for CATIA V5?

Yes, using the integration usually requires appropriate licenses for both Teamcenter and CATIA V5, along with additional licenses for the integration module itself.

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