Teamcenter Integration for Solid Edge

Capture, manage and share Solid Edge data using Teamcenter, the industry standard for Product Lifecycle Management deployment

Establish a collaborative environment and take control of your product data by combining Siemens Digital Industries Software’s world-class software solutions, Solid Edge® software and Teamcenter® software. Teamcenter integration for Solid Edge (Solid Edge embedded client) provides a full range of product lifecycle management (PLM) capabilities, allowing users to reduce product development time and cost. A single source of product data for design and manufacturing teams helps optimize the design-through-manufacturing process.

Capture, manage and share Solid Edge data using Teamcenter

The Solid Edge embedded client enables design information created in Solid Edge to be easily captured, controlled and shared in the highly secure Teamcenter PLM environment with no additional effort for the user. Comprehensive revision management and access control capabilities guarantee the right people get the right information at the right time.

Whether users require the latest design revisions or a released revision, you can establish revision controls for parts, assemblies and drawings. Release processes ensure your data is protected throughout the lifecycle. Implicit and visual check in/check out status assures data is not overwritten while keeping all users aware of work being performed by others. To maximize productivity, teams can work offline, making design data available in the field.

Quickly search and access Solid Edge parts, assemblies and drawings to eliminate wasted time trying to find and share design information. Shape search capabilities identify similar parts in the Teamcenter database, based on shape and property data, to sort through duplicate designs and reduce costs from different suppliers.

The Solid Edge embedded client goes beyond workgroup computer-aided design (CAD) data management, utilizing a single source of product data, which enables design and manufacturing teams to work closely together to streamline product development and manufacturing delivery processes.

Seamless integration focused on Solid Edge users

The Solid Edge embedded client provides unparalleled connectivity between Solid Edge (a CAD solution) and Teamcenter (a PLM solution). Since both are Siemens Digital Industries Software solutions, they work together seamlessly through a transparent user interface (UI) that outperforms standard add-ons. The pair are delivered in a single code, with no additional installation required. This allows for synchronized release and updates.

With the Teamcenter ribbon in Solid Edge, users can quickly access data management tasks, including search, open, check-in/check-out, properties, initiate workflows and identify parts that are in the release process. Solid Edge dialogs that handle file operations, such as the file open dialog, are enabled to directly browse Teamcenter. Solid Edge documents are automatically filtered and displayed using Teamcenter attributes such as item ID. Built-in search functionality allows quick, easy single search queries as well as complex search queries as defined in Teamcenter.

Solid Edge pathfinder can display specified attributes from Teamcenter, and users can access available Teamcenter operations by right clicking on displayed Solid Edge documents. Pathfinder displays check-out status, including user identity, Teamcenter status and any revisions that have been made since opening the assembly.

The Solid Edge embedded client offers the ability to visualize all Solid Edge data, including parts, assemblies, draft documents, family of parts and assemblies, part and assembly product manufacturing information (PMI), model views, adjustable parts, tubes, pipes and weld beads, all from within Teamcenter.

Flexible and scalable

The Solid Edge embedded client is built to be flexible and scalable to support a company’s ever-changing needs. Synchronized releases of Solid Edge and the Solid Edge embedded client ensure Teamcenter users can quickly move to the latest Solid Edge release.

Integration is optimized for both local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) environments. The scalability to WAN environments enables geographically distributed design resources and the extended supply chain to connect to a single database.


  • Integrate technical data to provide your organization with a single source of product information
  • Quickly locate correct designs and relevant data
  • Develop and implement consistent workflows, improving collaboration internally and with customers and suppliers
  • Manage BOM structures supporting product configuration/variants, occurrence properties and BOM synchronization
  • Communicate and share designs better with consistent visualization
  • Maximize productivity with offline mode


  • Create, edit and manage Solid Edge parts, drawings and assemblies
  • Compare multiple revisions with comprehensive revision support, full revision history and ability to revise and automatically capture related content
  • Unlock the power of Teamcenter with hosted Active Workspace to search, access and highlight data in the Solid Edge environment with ease
  • Perform impact analysis with quick access to „where used“ and associated drawings
  • Explore design ideas without committing the files to Teamcenter with Concept Modeling
  • Simplify and automate common designer activities with seamless integration in Solid Edge user interface
  • Easy to implement and maintain seamless integration to Teamcenter and Solid Edge, no separate install required
  • Promote the reuse of existing parts with geometric shape search, available as an add-on module


Teamcenter Integration for Solid Edge

References/Case Studies

(contact details can be provided on request)

Solid Edge Integration with Teamcenter PLM

boat manufacturer


  • CAD data managed in Teamcenter leading to leass duplicates and more reuse.​
  • Access control, revision, change management and many more PLM functionalities applied on CAD data enabled faster product development.
  • Merger of CAD BOM and ERP BOM in TC ensured single source of truth.
  • Workflows digitized manual release process and improved visibility into design data for manufacturing, procurement and other departments.

For more case studies visit here.


Leading Manufacturer in Norway​

Project Scope

Upgrade to Teamcenter 14 and integrate with Solid Edge 2022.

  • Installation upgrade of Teamcenter including database
  • BMIDE upgrade.
  • Solid Edge integration Server and client installations.
  • Site setup and defaults setup.
  • Setup Attribute mapping between TC and SE.​
  • User training.​
  • Workflow creation for change management.​
  • Best practices sharing from other customers.​
  • Data migration from native OS folders into Teamcenter.​
  • Support and maintenance post go-live.​
  • Documentation, WiKi Setup.
  • PLM Nordic SmartPort Installation and Setup.​

Technology Stack:

Teamcenter, Solid Edge


What is Teamcenter Integration for Solid Edge?

Teamcenter Integration for Solid Edge is a collaborative product data management (PDM) solution that allows users of Solid Edge, a 3D CAD software, to seamlessly integrate with Teamcenter, a comprehensive PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) system. This integration enables better data management, version control, and collaboration across design and engineering teams.

What are the key benefits of integrating Solid Edge with Teamcenter?

Integrating Solid Edge with Teamcenter offers several benefits, including:

  • Centralized data management: All product-related data is stored and managed in a single repository, ensuring consistency and eliminating data silos.
  • Version control: Teamcenter manages versions and revisions, preventing accidental overwrites and facilitating access to historical data.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Design teams can work concurrently on different parts of the product and share data easily.
  • Change management: Teamcenter’s change control features help track and manage design modifications efficiently.

How does Teamcenter Integration for Solid Edge improve data access and sharing?

The integration allows users to access Teamcenter’s database directly from within the Solid Edge interface. This means that they can search, view, and retrieve relevant data, including CAD files, documents, and other associated information, without leaving the Solid Edge environment. It streamlines data sharing and ensures everyone works with the most up-to-date information.

Can multiple users work on the same Solid Edge assembly simultaneously with Teamcenter Integration?

Yes, with Teamcenter Integration, multiple users can work concurrently on the same Solid Edge assembly or project. Teamcenter manages the data, ensuring that changes are synchronized, and conflicts are resolved intelligently. This collaborative approach reduces design time and boosts productivity.

Does Teamcenter Integration for Solid Edge support CAD data versioning?

Yes, Teamcenter Integration for Solid Edge supports CAD data versioning. Teamcenter keeps track of each version of a CAD file, allowing users to access previous versions when needed. This feature ensures that design changes are well-documented and reversible if necessary.

Is Teamcenter Integration suitable for large organizations with multiple design teams?

Absolutely. Teamcenter is designed to handle complex product development processes and is well-suited for large organizations with multiple design teams spread across different locations. It provides a scalable and robust PLM infrastructure that can accommodate the needs of diverse teams and facilitate efficient collaboration.

Can Teamcenter Integration for Solid Edge help manage bills of materials (BOMs)?

Yes, Teamcenter Integration for Solid Edge manages bills of materials (BOMs) effectively. Users can create and maintain BOMs directly within the Teamcenter environment, ensuring that all stakeholders have access to the latest BOM information. This simplifies assembly management and ensures accurate product documentation.

How does Teamcenter Integration enhance design change management?

When design changes are made in Solid Edge, Teamcenter Integration ensures that these changes are tracked and documented. The solution allows users to create change requests, assess the impact of proposed changes, and implement them in a controlled manner. This helps prevent errors, maintains data integrity, and streamlines the change management process.

Can Teamcenter Integration for Solid Edge improve compliance and regulatory adherence?

Yes, by providing a central repository and robust data management capabilities, Teamcenter Integration aids in compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements. It ensures that all relevant documents and data are appropriately controlled and auditable, making it easier for organizations to adhere to various compliance regulations.

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