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Teamcenter MRO Solution - Service Lifecycle Management (SLM)

Successful companies realize that service needs to be proactive rather than reactive, to sustain in this competitive environment. Any company that manufactures products that have a long life cycle (such are Ships, Aircraft, Engines, etc.) will benefit from SLM Solutions. Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) brings service data into PLM, which establishes collaboration between Design and Service engineering.

Teamcenter SLM modules or software are separately licensed applications that are installed as an optional overlay on top of the standard Teamcenter product. This system manages the Service Bill of Materials (sBOM) , handles Service Data and Product amendments. Data such as As-built and As-maintained structures are useful in the tracking of equipment and its associated items. For example, As-built and As-maintained structures manage all traceable items of equipments along with serial number and location. Effective asset management can be achieved by updating as maintained structure from its first built. Integrated SBOM improves traceability and effective collaboration of service stakeholders.

At PLM Nordic, we help you drive your MRO business to greater innovation and accelerate your growth. We provide SLM related services such as SLM Implementation , Enhancements, Customizations, Bulk Data migration, Teamcenter Upgrade, Defining Service BOM, Creating and updating As-built and As-Maintained BOMs, Designing workflow, etc. We provide consultation as well as services in these modules of Teamcenter SLM – Service Manager, As-built manager, Service Planner, Maximo Integration, Microservices for Service Lifecycle Management Integration.

Teamcenter Facilitates better asset utilization and maintenance planning by enabling service teams to assess accurate life characteristic status at the appropriate level. It can be used to implement lean processes across the entire Service chain.

"Let your Service staff concentrate on Customer Delight and not on wasting huge time to just find the right part"

Components of Teamcenter SLM

Service Manager

  • Create the as-maintained physical product instantiation for any configured product definition structure.
  • Store and manage additional information about the as-maintained physical part structure that is not tracked on the product definition structure, such as serial numbers and lot numbers.
  • Reconcile the as-maintained structure with a configured product definition structure to identify parts that are missing, alternates, substitutes, or deviations.
  • Track part utilization, part usage, and disposition history.
  • Manage physical locations and the assets in those locations.
  • Manually update the as-maintained structure with changes that occur over the lifetime of the physical asset.
  • Compare the as-maintained structure to the product definition structure or to another as-maintained structure.
  • View the as-designed product structure and the as-maintained physical structure configuration side-by-side or by using the embedded viewer available in the rich client.
  • Import an as-maintained structure from an external manufacturing execution system (MES) or an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in PLM XML.
  • Manage as-maintained structures in a Multi-Site Collaboration environment.

As-Built Manager

  • Create the as-built physical product instantiation for any configured product structure.
  • Store and manage additional information about the as-built physical part structure that is not tracked on the product definition structure, such as serial numbers and lot numbers.
  • Reconcile the as-built structure with a configured product definition structure to identify parts that are missing, alternates, substitutes, or deviations.
  • Compare the as-built structure to the product definition structure or to another as-built structure.
  • View the as-designed product structure and the as-built physical structure configuration side-by-side or by using the embedded viewer available in the rich client.
  • Import an as-built structure from an external manufacturing execution system (MES) or an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in PLM XML.
  • Export an as-built structure to a Teamcenter Enterprise Service Lifecycle Management system using Data Exchange.
  • Manage as-built structures in a Multi-Site Collaboration environment.

Service Planner

  • Create and manage service plans for a neutral product.
  • Create service partitions within a service plan to organize service requirements.
  • Create and manage service requirements to define the maintenance that can be performed on a product.
  • Create service requirements to address particular fault codes.
  • Define frequencies for service requirements to determine when the work needs to be done.
  • Set up dependencies or relations between service requirements.
  • Define applicability between service requirements and neutral parts.
  • Create and manage work cards to determine how the work needs to be done.
  • Manage the work process flow by sequencing work cards to be done in a particular order or determining work that can be done in parallel.
  • Create and manage activities that provide more detailed information about the planned work.
  • Create characteristic definitions and attach them to neutral parts, work cards, or activities to define data that should be recorded as part of the maintenance.
  • Define the particular skill level needed to perform or sign off the service work.
  • Define any expendable materials or tools needed to perform the service work.
  • Create notices and attach them to work cards or activities to provide additional information, such as any notes, warnings, or cautions related to the planned work.
  • Manage the time estimates for the planned work.

Service Scheduler

  • Manually create work orders, schedules, job cards, and job tasks.
  • Manage schedules.
  • Assign people resources.
  • Estimate cost and labor.
  • Define part requests for required materials, tools, and equipment.
  • Receive issued materials, tools, and equipment.
  • Complete work assignments and sign off on work.
  • Define part movement transactions to drive configuration updates.
  • Capture discrepancies discovered during the implementation of service.

Micro Services

  • Support customization and integration capabilities. Lets you create new APIs and gain performance improvements when you interact with the SLM products.

IBM Maximo Integration

  • Supports the Integration of Teamcenter with IBM´s Maximo product. Supports bi-directional movement of service  Information for assets to support service engineering and service work orders in a seamless environment.

Benefits of Teamcenter for MRO

  • Provides total visibility to an organization’s assets and service offerings under configuration control.
  • Service Dashboard provides insight into asset and process performance via key performance Indicators that enable successful PBL and SLA business contracts.
  • Enables customer responsiveness by linking the logistics support data to the latest engineering modifications.
  • Enables service organizations to capture and apply maintenance-related best practices.
  • Accelerates MRO cycle while assuring compliance with approved maintenance plans.
  • Provides cradle-to-grave fine-grain part, tool and equipment visibility and life usage tracking.

Advantages to the Organizations

Improves First Time Fix Rates, Reduces Turnaround time, and Improves Overall Uptime of assets.

Up to 90% reduced commissioning time.

5-10% reduced Rework.

Improves Productivity of Service technicians by more than 25%.

Up to 15% Reduced Unplanned Downtime.

Provides Accurate Configuration of the Asset at the Field.

Re-use of product knowledge from engineering and manufacturing to improve service planning and execution.

Provide feedback to engineering to improve product designs for serviceability and reliability.

Communicate and coordinate operational activities for greater compliance, faster service, and lower costs.

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References/Case Studies

(contact details can be provided on request)

Teamcenter SLM Implementation

Case study teamcenter slm implementation

Business Types

Medium-sized Engine Manufacturer based in Europe

Technology Stack:

TC12.4, TC13.1, Service manager module, Dispatcher services.


  • Service did not have a digital as-maintained BOM.
  • Service changes were maintained on technical paper files.
  • Legacy data was spread in different systems.
  • Long time to find right spare parts.
  • Mapping spare parts data for old engines was a difficult task.
  • No process to arrive at as-built BOM
  • Difficult to know configuration of delivered engines.

Project Scope

  • Teamcenter SLM solution Implementation
  • Defined workflows for different SLM functionalities
  • Data Migration from paper BOMs to Teamcenter
  • SAP Integration
  • Creation of Physical Structure (As-Maintained BOM)
  • Solution for creating RMS (Routine Maintenance & Service) template
  • Solution for identifying all Spare part & Upgrade Kits designed for the Engine
  • Solution to add Spare part data in Bulk to Physical / As-maintained / Service BOM
  • Custom Utility to extract Service BOM to the CSV format for Data analyzing and uploading in bulk
  • Use of Dispatcher services to transfer all bulk, time-consuming, repetitive work in the background

Business Benefits

  • Increase in spare parts sales due to significant reduction in time to find the right spare parts.
  • Service Order creation automation reduced the lead time and increased efficiency.
  • Increased Precision, time utilisation and data quality across all depts. in Service.
  • Teamcenter improved and formalised communication between the Application team and the Service Team.
  • Updating data directly to Physical Structure improved efficiency of Routine Maintenance Schedule and Service Orders.
  • Sevices planning, scheduling, reporting and storage, all data in one place..

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What is Service Bill of Materials (sBOM) or AS-MAINTAINED BOM?

sBOM is a managed view of all the materials required for Service. It is different from Engineering BOM (EBOM) as it focuses only on those components/parts which are important from a Service point of view. It is also called as As-Maintained because it keeps all the information regarding how the product is maintained after commissioning at the customer site.

What is licences are needed to implement Teamcenter SLM?

At minimum Service, Manager’s license is required to build an as-maintained structure from E-BOM. As-Built Manager may be needed if you need to maintain an as-build structure also else you can use the first snapshot of as-maintained BOM as as-built without buying an as-built manager. Service planners and Schedulers are also licensed separately. Check above sections what each module can do to determine your needs.

Why should a company implement Teamcenter SLM / MRO solution?

Profit margins on original equipment sales are diminishing due to many factors. The service area offers lucrative opportunities to increase revenues as well as profits.

  1. Margins on spare parts, services, etc can be increased by successfully digitizing the service operations using the Teamcenter-SLM solution.
  2. Service is countercyclical as demand for service increases in an economic downturn as customers prefer to keep old equipment than buy new.
  3. Fast and efficient service increases customer loyalty and repeats business. Digitization of service parts helps to process more orders at the same time.
  4. A true digital Twin can be achieved by linking service artifacts to design and Manufacturing. Using Teamcenter for service increases seamless flow in a single system with the capability to integrate with MES and ERP Systems.

How does Teamcenter SLM helps reduce Turn Around Time?

Service Planner module of Teamcenter validates the service planning ahead of time and in addition, the Service documentation is also up to date, thus service technicians get the right information at the right time which overall improves Service efficiency thereby reducing Turn Around Time.

Why there is a need for Different BOM (sBOM) for Service Department?

Most of the companies, especially the ones whose Products have a Long Life cycle, don’t know the exact configuration of the asset at the customer site. There might be some changes made in the configuration such as some different spare parts that must have been used at the time of installation or servicing. Due to this lack of information Service technicians find it difficult to get tools/equipment to Service the asset whose configuration has changed over the period. For this reason, sBOM is maintained. sBOM or as-maintained BOM also has unique properties like serial number  or lot number which uniquely identifies every instance of part. When problem comes we can easily trace which physical part is used where in case a recall/replacement is needed due to faults identified.

Can the Technical Documentation translated to Local Languages?

Yes, there is a content management system capable present in Teamcenter as a part of SLM solutions. So, the content that we want to translate can be sent for translation in different languages. We can also maintain the traceability of the content being translated. This also helps in keeping the translation costs down.

Is there Integration of ERP With Teamcenter SLM?

Yes, it can be integrated with Various ERP and CAD software.

What is Teamcenter MRO and how it is useful for MRO/Service Teams?

Teamcenter MRO Solutions are a part of Teamcenter’s larger portfolio of Digital Lifecycle Management Solutions. It provides a single source of information related to the product after delivery, which helps Service engineers to search for the right information of the component at right time. Its Configuration Driven approach bridges the gap between engineering, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Maintenance departments which leads to efficient services.

How to implement Teamcenter MRO solution in your organization?

Teamcenter can be implemented one step at a time in a phased approach, this ensures a quick return on investment. Furthermore, these can be expanded seamlessly based on the user needs, technology advancements, and service team integration.

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