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Plan, manage and execute complex processes simply and efficiently

As your products, organization and supply chain become more complex, so do the processes required to get products to market on time and on budget. Your managers and team leaders must be able to coordinate complex interrelated teams, data and timelines. By itself, a traditional workflow tool is not enough. More robust project management capabilities are required to help you manage complex projects and realize today’s complex products.

Standalone project management systems are disconnected from the data, people and processes required to execute those projects. Project leaders are constantly trying to manually reconcile information between multiple systems. The result is poor planning, missed delivery dates, cost overruns and overand underutilization of resources.

Teamcenter® software delivers program and project management solutions within your product lifecycle management (PLM) environment. You can manage your projects in one place and with one system, no matter how simple or complex they are. You can also integrate to your existing project management systems, automating the exchange of critical information.

Integrated project planning

Managers and team leaders can leverage powerful project management capabilities in Teamcenter, the same PLM tool they use daily. You don’t have to be a project management expert to take advantage of an easy-to-use, robust project management solution. From basic scheduling with templates, milestones and dependencies to more advanced work breakdowns with baselines, budgeting, costing and other functions you can manage any project. By managing projects in the same system used for the actual work being done, you have up-to-date resource information available, on demand. You can quickly and easily see resource availability to make better planning decisions.

See the big picture

Go beyond single project management to effectively coordinate entire programs. With program management in Teamcenter, you have better visibility to resources, scope of work, pipeline information, project-related costs, status and more. With this visibility, you can effectively coordinate resources across your program and clearly understand impacts across projects. For more advanced program management capabilities, Teamcenter can integrate to third-party systems, such as Primavera®.

Maximize visibility

Teamcenter provides robust reporting capabilities across your programs and projects ‒ from ad hoc reports that enable you to sort, filter and group data as you see fit, to configurable, out-of-the-box reports that provide graphical analysis of your projects and programs.


  • Robust project management capabilities inside of PLM
  • Project execution tied to project planning
  • Project tasks linked to PLM data and deliverables
  • Automatic task, deliverable and project status updates
  • Program management capabilities and integrations
  • Program and project reporting with out-of-the-box reports


  • Effectively plan projects in Teamcenter, the same PLM system you use every day
  • Consistently meet target dates with accurate, up-to-date project and resource information
  • Maximize productivity with accurate data for every task
  • Effectively coordinate resources across projects
  • Drive execution of programs with unified goals, gates, timelines and targets
  • Minimize time spent scheduling, stat using and collecting information
  • Provide visibility to resources, scope of work, pipeline information, project related costs, status, deliverables and more

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What is project management in PLM?

PLM project management is meant for more than enterprise project management – it’s about helping leaders across your organization coordinate people to accomplish tasks in a given amount of time. It’s about giving you the tools you need in a system where the work is already being done.

What does Teamcenter Project Management do?

  • Teamcenter® delivers project management solutions inside of PLM. Easy-to-use tools can help you plan and manage projects, even if you’re not a project management expert.You can connect PLM data, such as parts, documents, requirements, and more to tasks and deliverables. This helps ensure everyone has exactly what they need to get their tasks completed.

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