Teamcenter Visualization

Teamcenter® software’s Lifecycle visualization suite provides an add-on illustrate option that you can leverage to establish an easy-to-use layout environment. You can use this environment to create illustrations for work instruction sheets, maintenance manuals, parts catalogs or any other technical document. The illustrate option enables companies to reduce time, cost and training because it leverages the same 2D and 3D investments created by their design group. Changes to design data are synchronized with the content in the illustrate environment so that documentation projects can begin earlier and errors can be reduced.

Use your design data directly

Teamcenter’s lifecycle visualization suite provides the illustrate add-on option to support the technical illustration processes used by many of the world’s most successful product makers. The illustrate option allows product development companies to create clear and accurate illustrations to aid downstream disciplines throughout the enterprise.

The illustrate option leverages the existing design knowledge generated throughout your product definition processes as input. CAD files represent the majority of this information in JT™ format generated by CAD systems like Siemens PLM Software’s NX™ or Solid Edge® software, but can include JT data generated by any other major CAD system. The illustrate option enhances your 2D and 3D data with images, callouts and symbols, thrustlines, attributes and other design data managed by a PDM system like Teamcenter.

Integrated with the product development process

Where many companies simply use manual sketches, photographs or static snapshots to illustrate their technical publications, the illustrate option becomes an integral part of the design-build continuum by tying the process documents directly to the design knowledge developed throughout the process.

Creation of technical documents relies heavily on input from design teams and often must wait for designs to be completed or even prototypes to be built. Images are captured in several ways but often are output into different authoring environments for layout and text editing. In many cases, additional software applications and processes involve other handoffs that create breaks in the data stream that are difficult to update when changes occur.

Easily incorporate changes

The only consistency in design is change, and in the manual process described above, last-minute changes are very difficult to implement. Often, changes are not incorporated into final documents in time for product release; worse yet, sometimes they don’t get implemented at all. The illustrate option delivers an integrated environment for authoring, viewing and maintaining technical illustrations that can be referenced by content management and managed by Teamcenter.

Because of the tight integration with Teamcenter, the illustrate option detects changes to any of the digital assets that have changed, updates those assets and implements those changes through a traditional change review process. This ensures that technical documents remain in sync with the products they represent without expensive, time-consuming rework.


  • Reduce cost and time to create technical illustrations by leveraging existing JT data
  • Improve clarity and eliminate errors with easy-to-use 3D tools for outline capture; a simple double-click accesses 3D geometry in Teamcenter lifecycle visualization directly from the final illustration
  • Reduce or eliminate rework with instant updates as changes ripple through the change management process
  • Eliminate shop floor paper and revision-control issues by delivering managed illustrations in lightweight web format
  • Streamline technical illustration through an integrated toolkit of graphics, text editing and layout that eliminates cumbersome and error-prone handoffs between applications
  • Deliver illustrations in time for launch by starting earlier than ever before without waiting for final design


  • Add-on to Teamcenter’s lifecycle visualization professional or mockup solutions. 3D geometry assets (3D snapshots including annotations and markups) are captured to the clipboard and remain linked to the original JT file. You can capture geometry assets from Teamcenter lifecycle visualization applications, such as realistic appearances from lifecycle visualization concept or results data from lifecycle visualization quality, and manage them with Teamcenter
  • Familiar Microsoft Visio authoring environment allows WYSIWYG dragand-drop of 3D content plus rulers, grids, stencils and advanced alignment tools (Visio license not included)
  • Technical illustrations include text, 2D and 3D graphics, annotations and tables
  • Portfolios include collections of technical illustrations and can contain consistent header and footer information as well as tables of contents. You can print or export to Visio, HTML and other formats.
  • Callouts and the symbol manager (from Teamcenter lifecycle visualization) enable users to create and use custom icon and symbol libraries to meet company documentation standards
  • Thrustline editor adds clarity for assembly instructions.


What is Teamcenter Visualization?

Teamcenter Visualization is a product visualization and collaboration tool developed by Siemens. It is designed to help users view, collaborate on, and review 3D product data and digital prototypes in various industries.

What are the key features of Teamcenter Visualization?

Teamcenter Visualization offers features such as 3D model viewing, markup and annotation tools, cross-sectioning, measurement capabilities, and the ability to collaborate in a shared environment.

Who can benefit from using Teamcenter Visualization?

Teamcenter Visualization is beneficial for engineers, designers, project managers, and other professionals who work with 3D CAD models and need to review and collaborate on product designs.

How does Teamcenter Visualization improve collaboration in product design?

It enables real-time collaboration on 3D models, allowing multiple team members to view, mark up, and discuss design changes and issues without the need for physical prototypes.

Is Teamcenter Visualization compatible with other CAD software and file formats?

Yes, Teamcenter Visualization supports a wide range of CAD file formats, including popular ones like CATIA, SolidWorks, NX, and more, making it interoperable with various CAD systems.

Can Teamcenter Visualization be used for training and presentations?

Yes, it can be used for training purposes by animating assembly processes and presenting 3D product models. It helps in conveying complex ideas and concepts effectively.

Is Teamcenter Visualization suitable for large assemblies and complex models?

Yes, Teamcenter Visualization can handle large and complex 3D assemblies and models, allowing users to navigate and analyze them efficiently.

Does Teamcenter Visualization support virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) integration?

Yes, Teamcenter Visualization can integrate with VR and AR technologies, enhancing the immersive experience for design reviews and presentations.

How secure is the data when using Teamcenter Visualization for collaborative design?

Siemens takes data security seriously, and Teamcenter Visualization provides access controls and encryption to protect sensitive product data during collaboration.

Is Teamcenter Visualization available as a standalone product, or is it part of a larger software suite?

Teamcenter Visualization is often part of the Siemens Teamcenter suite of product lifecycle management (PLM) software. However, it may also be available as a standalone tool in some cases.

Can Teamcenter Visualization be customized to meet specific industry or company requirements?

Yes, it can be customized to some extent to adapt to specific industry needs and company workflows, ensuring it aligns with the organization’s requirements.

How can I get started with Teamcenter Visualization?

To get started, you can typically contact Siemens or an authorized reseller for licensing and installation. Training and documentation are often provided to help users get up to speed quickly.

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