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Teamcenter X , PLM on Cloud

Teamcenter X is Teamcenter. It uses the same code base as Teamcenter. Teamcenter X is full functionality Teamcenter, delivered via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment model – operated by Siemens. This is PLM on the cloud – where Siemens provides operations, maintenance, and upgrades. Teamcenter X is kept up to date on the latest release through a SaaS model.

Navigating the Future: With SaaS Teamcenter X solution

Why Transition to the Cloud

Teamcenter X product manager Dimitrios Dovas speaks to Teamcenter customers about why transition to the cloud.

What is the difference between Teamcenter and Teamcenter X

SaaS advantage and the difference between Teamcenter and Teamcenter X, including topics of security and best practice configurations vs customizations.

How Cloud SaaS Saves Money

How SaaS saves Teamcenter customers money, addressing topics of licenses, maintenance, upgrades, and support vs SaaS total cost of ownership.

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Get started quickly with Cloud PLM


Start with what you need now to plan, develop and deliver innovative products. Get into production quickly with preconfigured best practices made for your industry.

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Teamcenter X trial

Experience cloud PLM with Teamcenter X, Explore the most common cloud PLM use cases:

  • ♦Find and reuse product information

  • ♦Manage CAD designs and documents

  • ♦Access and build a bill of materials (BOM)

  • ♦Initiate and participate in change processes

Trial Details

  • ♦  Fully licensed software with sample files and guided tutorials <p>
  • ♦  No massive downloads or lengthy installations <p>
  • ♦  Ready to go! Instant access anytime, anywhere

Trial requirements

  • ♦  This complimentary trial is only available for qualified businesses, not members of the press or competition

  • ♦  Sign up with a valid email address, LinkedIn profile or Google account

  • ♦  Select your country/region

All of Teamcenter, with the advantages of SaaS

Choose any solution from the full Teamcenter portfolio. Software as a service (SaaS) delivery includes preconfigured best practices to get you up and running quickly and cost effectively.


Plan for performance and profitability

What are the requirements? How will it work as a system? What are the cost targets? What resources, schedules and deadlines are needed? What will the complete BOM for all configurations and variations look like?

Create products that are compliant by design - 

  • 1)Integrate requirements within the product lifecycle.
  • 2)Improve requirement quality.
  • 3)Close the loop with continuously verified requirements.

Start integrated. Stay integrated-

  • 1)Author system models with a standard methodology
  • 2)Continuous model-based collaboration with suppliers
  • 3)Manage product architecture with standard PLM services

Know your product with a comprehensive BOM strategy-

  • 1)Connect your enterprise with a multi-domain BOM.
  • 2)Take control with change and configuration management.

  • Power up your BOM

    Get more out of your digital BOM with Teamcenter productivity tools:

    • 1)Smart Discovery enables rich contexts for review, impact analysis and validation
    • 2)Partitions organize a single BOM structure into multiple tailored views
    • 3)Design BOM Alignment coordinates product evolution
    • 4)Advanced BOM Rollup helps plan, allocate and track design-to-target objectives

Handle more options with less effort-

  • 1)Take control with early feature planning
  • 2)Coordinate your lifecycle
  • 3)Empower consumer choice with engineering automation

Streamline lifecycle processes to improve performance-

  • 1)Manage the impact of change quickly and accurately
  • 2)Manage workflows, including design review and release
  • 3)Achieve program objectives with confidence
  • 4)Align and prioritize projects in a program context

Build sustainable and profitable products-

  • 1)Maximize profits with product cost management
  • 2)Support cost engineering for purchased parts and tools
  • 3)Measure and manage product carbon footprints

Develop across departments and domains

How can teams collaborate across departments and domains? How do visualization and simulation speed up design reviews and cut prototype costs? Want to ensure accurate documentation?

Go beyond workgroup design management - 

  • 1)Manage mechanical data across multiple CAD systems.
  • 2)Trust a single, secure source of multi-domain data.
  • 3)Visualize CAD data for business-wide collaboration.
  • 4)Manage integrated materials data across the lifecycle.
  • 5)Design in-context to focus on your part of the design.

Collaborate and validate across domains-

  • 1)Manage schematic and printed circuit board (PCB) data.
  • 2)Manage wire harness and electrical distribution systems.
  • 3)Collaborate on a complete design across domains.
  • 4)Connect electronic/electrical design with manufacturing.

Understand hardware and software relationships-

  • 1)Implement software design management with Teamcenter.
  • 2)Apply Polarion ALM and Teamcenter: ALM-PLM integration.
  • 3)Establish and navigate requirements across domains.
  • 4)Improve cross-discipline visibility of change impact.
  • 5)Access product and software data and processes.
  • 6)Closed-loop embedded system & software BOM management.

Manage technical documents within the product lifecycle-

  • 1)Create and manage product-related documents
  • 2)Reuse engineering content in technical publications
  • 3)Deliver animations, visualizations & augmented reality
  • 4)Connect engineering with marketing and package designs.

Accelerate time to market with 3D visualization-

  • 1)View, analyze and markup any BOM, in any configuration.
  • 2)Experience the digital twin, connected to Teamcenter.
  • 3)Visualize and interrogate any 3D JT file – fast.
  • 4)Build your own enterprise 3D visualization applications.

Start integrated. Stay integrated-

  • 1)Simulation data management and digital transformation.
  • 2)Implement the digital thread for simulation and test.
  • 3)Boost engineering productivity with workflows.
  • 4)Capture engineering knowledge to drive timely decisions.
  • 5)Get open solutions for your simulation and test tools.

Deliver product visibility and insight

Are you ready to start manufacturing? What do you need from suppliers? What are your quality targets? How do you provide the best services? What tool should you use to assess and report your product's success? Plan for sustainability!

Find what you need faster with search and analytics - 

  • 1)Enjoy data management that works with you.
  • 2)Understand the big picture and take action.
  • 3)Find what you need with information you have.
  • 4)Classify and reuse.

Develop earth friendly and compliant products-

  • 1)Manage materials and substances early in the lifecycle.
  • 2)Calculate your product carbon footprint.
  • 3)Collect and validate supplier declarations.
  • 4)Reduce risk with product compliance grading & reporting.

Source, connect and collaborate with suppliers-

  • 1)Integrate partners into your Teamcenter environment.
  • 2)Manage your entire supplier sourcing process digitally.
  • 3)Exchange CAD and other design data quickly and securely.

How quality management enables your success-

  • 1)Boost your quality planning best practices.
  • 2)Achieve desired quality in procurement and production.
  • 3)Improve your product and process quality continuously.
  • 4)Streamline compliance to quality standards.
  • 5)Maximize quality across the product lifecycle.
  • 6)Manage quality processes in the cloud.

Connected manufacturing to improve your business-

  • 1)Manage manufacturing processes in the cloud.
  • 2)Plan and manage your manufacturing processes – easily.
  • 3)Author and share electronic work instructions.
  • 4)Create and maintain the bill of process (BOP).
  • 5)Reconcile engineering and manufacturing BOMs with ease.
  • 6)Estimate operation times and perform line balancing.
  • 7)Optimize planning to production with part manufacturing.
  • 8)Manage manufacturing resources digitally.
  • 9)Connect to the shop floor.

Service lifecycle management helps your business-

  • 1)Maximize service knowledge for greater profits.
  • 2)Improve asset performance with effective service plans.
  • 3)Optimize service operations with IBM Maximo Integration.
  • 4)Enable servitization with a Salesforce app for service.
  • 5)Access real-time asset performance with IoT.
Teamcenter X offers full-functionality PLM

Teamcenter X eBook

Discover the power of cloud-based PLM

Teamcenter X offers full-functionality PLM with the added benefits of the cloud: 

♦  Gain secure remote access for all stakeholders anytime, anywhere
♦ Reallocate costs and invest in predictable operational expenses with minimal IT infrastructure
♦ Enhance business agility to quickly scale and deploy new features and applications
♦ Boost operational resiliency and continuity with Siemens managed updates, automatic backup and data recovery capability

Customer success story

Discover how Rejool ensured that every stakeholder has up-to-date product information whenever and whereever they needed it.

Frequently Asked Questions
on Teamcenter X

Teamcenter X is Teamcenter. Teamcenter X is full functionality Teamcenter, delivered via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment model – operated by Siemens. This is PLM on the cloud – where Siemens provides operations, maintenance, and upgrades. Teamcenter X is kept up to date on the latest release through a SaaS model.

The benefits of Teamcenter X include enhanced collaboration capabilities, easier access to PLM functionalities for distributed teams, reduced IT overhead, automatic updates and maintenance, and seamless integration with other cloud-based tools and services.

Yes. As an Authorized Partner, we Sell and Support Teamcenter X in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. 

Yes, Teamcenter X is suitable for businesses of all sizes, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Its scalability allows companies to start small and expand their usage as needed, without significant upfront infrastructure investments.

Siemens Digital Industries Software implements robust security measures to ensure the protection of data in Teamcenter X.

Yes, Teamcenter X supports integration with a wide range of software tools commonly used in product development and manufacturing, including CAD software, ERP systems, MES solutions, and more.

Looking for more information on Teamcenter X??

Enhancing semiconductor security

White Paper

Are you prepared for the evolving landscape of semiconductor security?

Enhancing semiconductor security

Addressing challenges from counterfeiting to cyber threats, the solution, driven by blockchain and secure digital twins, aligns with the U.S. Department of Defense standards. As the semiconductor industry faces increasing risks, this paper advocates for proactive implementation of trusted traceability to safeguard design integrity and ensure product reliability.

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