Teamcenter X

Teamcenter X

Cloud computing is everywhere, even though we’re not always aware of it. When you’re checking your phone for email or using a map app to get somewhere, or sharing photos, you’re using the cloud.

With the COVID-19 global pandemic, companies are more aware than ever before of the need to connect people and processes across locations – whether they’re in the office, working from home, or working from anywhere else with internet access. This is driving more demand for PLM in the cloud – where the cloud can be leveraged for data storage and software services.

Teamcenter X helps get customers up and running quickly and cost-effectively. Remember, Teamcenter X is Teamcenter, offering a proven and full breadth of solutions and industry expertise.

Teamcenter X is a modern, future-ready answer for companies that are searching for a cloud SaaS approach to PLM to get up and running quickly with the ability to grow.

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is a software licensing and delivery model in which software accessed from the cloud is licensed on a monthly basis (i.e., paid for monthly or annually) and is centrally hosted rather than bought and installed on individual computers. SaaS PLM brings together

1.) SaaS cloud technology, with its perks of on-demand, secure access to information from anywhere around the world, delivered and maintained by the software vendor, and

2.) product lifecycle management (PLM), enabling innovation with enterprise collaboration and integrating people, data, processes, and business systems.

Industry knowledge and best practices from thousands of customer implementations have been bundled into a simplified pre-configured SaaS solution. And the nice part of Teamcenter X is it can grow as your business needs to grow, at any time you opt to add in solutions from the Teamcenter portfolio.

Just like Teamcenter, Teamcenter X supports Digital twin, managing mechanical, electrical and software components in a single multi-domain BOM. Teamcenter X is built on a modern cloud platform. It's future-ready and always up to date with the latest technology including AI & ML. It can integrate easily into your existing systems.

Benefits of Teamcenter X

• Deliver cloud SaaS PLM for instant access when working at home, the office or anywhere else at anytime
• Control, share and collaborate across multiple mechanical and electronic design tools, creating a multi-domain BOM
• Accelerate product development by supporting design re-use, managing change and speeding cycle time
• Invest in predictable, operational expense use of existing IT infrastruc ture versus capital expense for low cost-of-ownership
• Eliminate the complexity, time, cost and risk of PLM installation, mainte nance and upgrades
• Provide a future-ready, modern cloud PLM solution that eliminates technical barriers and helps you work smarter with the latest tech nology and cloud microservices

Whats included in Teamcenter X

Teamcenter X is paid as you go and the start package covers preconfigured features like
Document Management
Basic BOM Management
Part Rev and Release
Operations and Upgrade

On top of start package you can buy Add-on like
MCAD & ECAD Design Management
Requirements management
Schedule Manager

If you need to configure or customize your Teamcenter X then you can buy extended packages

Teamcenter X Differentiators

Instant-on PLM : TC X drive PLM, so you can drive your business

Grows with you : Grow when you are ready with the most comprehensive PLM portfolio

Modern cloud platform (Mendix) : Always up to date and ready, AI and Machine learning, standup new apps and integrations faster with mendix


Teamcenter X and AI

With the help of Teamcenter Assistant

The Teamcenter Assistant suggests the next possible actions to perform and provides the relevant data required to perform them. These suggestions are based on the context, history, and usage frequency of actions performed by other previous users belonging to the same role or group.

Experienced users can log on to Active Workspace using special user credentials and train the Assistant on their preferred way of completing their tasks by turning on tutor mode.

The Assistant panel displays your most recent data, your team's recent data, your favourites and the contents of the clipboard. By suggesting the following logical commands, the Assistant helps to:

• Improve your efficiency by reducing the cognitive load.

• Minimize the number of mouse clicks required to perform your tasks.

• Reduce the total time required to complete a task.

Teamcenter X Package

A Teamcenter X deployment will have a minimum of 20 users for direct sales (Partners may have an exception to this if using promotions), and start with the basics of PLM such as Workflow, Visualization, BOM, and Document Management.

Pre-configurations of capabilities, with best practices built-in, help you start quickly with PLM, to realize a quick return on investment.

Extensions to Teamcenter X could include system integrations, custom business logic, hybrid environments for both on-premises and cloud, advanced configurations, etc. Extensions to Teamcenter X require a Request for Quote –working with the Siemens team to identify pricing and timing.


Teamcenter X Interface

Active Workspace : A user-friendly web interface that is easy to access and use for Teamcenter X users across your business.

Active Workspace is the primary user interface for Teamcenter X.

It supports collaboration across locations for users who work from home, the office, or any location with internet access.

Active Workspace is easily adaptable to specific user needs.

Teamcenter X : A pre-configured engineering and business solution

Preconfigured organization with groups and roles

Preconfigured groups include:
• Engineering
• Manufacturing
• Management
Preconfigured roles include:
• Author• Manager• Checker

Preconfigured workflows

Teamcenter X comes with a set of preconfigured workflows to help you release your products, including 25 special handlers that are also included out of the box.
Preconfigured workflows include:
• Development release
• Obsolescence process
• Production release
• Create snapshot
• Unrelease status

Preconfigured statuses

Teamcenter X comes with a set of preconfigured statuses. Out of the box statuses include:
• Snapshot
• Development
• Production
• Obsolete

Total Cost of Ownership

The column on the right shows how everything in dark blue is managed by Siemens –the customer would only need to manage their data. Cost savings for customers who use a cloud SaaS delivery model for PLM vs. traditional on-premises is 30%+based on Siemens research


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    What is difference between Teamcenter X and Teamcenter Rapid Start?

    • Teamcenter X has a minimum of 20 users, and Teamcenter Rapid Start has no minimum.
    • Teamcenter X supports X number of MCAD and ECAD integrations as optional add-ons, while Teamcenter Rapid Start can support any integration add-on.
    • Teamcenter X offers full change management as an optional add-on, while Teamcenter Rapid Start includes a simple change workflow.
    • Preconfigured roles, groups, workflows are aligned between Teamcenter Rapid Start and Teamcenter X, but some refinements have been made to Teamcenter X based on lessons learned and best practices.
    • Teamcenter X uses microservices and cloud services from the Mendix Cloud Platform
    • Teamcenter X is delivered through SaaS on the cloud

    What are benefits of Teamcenter X?

    • Ease of access at any moment – home, office, or shop floor
    • Supervise, share & integrate with multiple tools
    • Speed up development of product development by helping speed up design remodel, controlling change, and boosting up the cycle time.
    • Remove the complications of upgrades, maintenance, PLM installation cost & time.

    What is the pricing of Teamcenter X?

    • Contact us.

    What is the difference between Teamcenter & Teamcenter X?

    • TeamcenterTeamcenter X
      Full TeamcenterYesYes
      Purchase OptionsPerpetual, SubscriptionSaaS
      Containerized DeploymentsComingYes
      Cloud servicesNot ApplicableYes



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