Teamcenter X photorealistic visualization – powered by NVIDIA Omniverse

Teamcenter X photorealistic visualization – powered by NVIDIA Omniverse

NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud APIs will power real-time ray tracing directly in Teamcenter X, allowing companies to create photorealistic, physics-based digital twins that help eliminate workflow waste and errors. This capability will support photorealistic visualization of massive, complex, and feature-rich datasets common in engineering and manufacturing, from rocket ships to marine vessels. As changes are published to Teamcenter X, the photorealistic view is automatically updated in real time.

HD Hyundai builds liquid natural gas (LNG) carriers and ammonia- and hydrogen-powered ships. These are massively complex engineering projects, often comprising over 7 million discrete parts that require 700,000 man-hours to build. With Omniverse APIs, Teamcenter X will allow companies like HD Hyundai to manage and visualize these massive engineering datasets interactively, and precisely evaluate and validate their digital twin for functionality, fit, and accuracy, as if seeing it in the physical world.


Post credit : Siemens for image and article

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