Learn how our AI-enabled PLM Chatbot can cut your support tickets by 50%?

Webinar: Future is now. Learn how our AI-enabled PLM Chatbot can cut your support tickets by 50%?

Date – Tuesday August 24, 2021 | Time: 2:30 PM CET (8:30 AM EST) | Duration – 60 minutes

Event Type – Live Webinar | Cost – Free


When it comes to a PLM , organizations often hit a roadblock in its popularity across business functions due to its complexity. PLM users take time to adapt to new system or new features and often require real-time quality support in case of any difficulties. They often seek an immediate resolution which is not possible with the conventional face to face or emailing/ticketing based systems. Everyone demands instant attention and hassle-free experience.


So, is CHATBOT the solution for real-time support?


You might have used some chatbot on different websites these days and may have observed its limitations. We have done extensive research and have overcome most of the drawbacks of general chatbots and are launching a PLM specific SMARTBOT (Smart Chatbot).

What is special about our PLM SMARTBOT?


• Accuracy – thanks to our AI based training algorithms specifically developed for PLM applications.

• When unable to answer, auto-transfer to human support and learn from conversation.

• You can train SMARTBOT easily based on your documents like support logs, emails, wiki pages.

• Using data analytics and user intelligence to improve context in answers.

• Push User-specific guidance and training based on behavior and usage.

And many more features…


So, register for our webinar to get a glimpse of our SMARTBOT (AI-powered chatbot) and have an exclusive look at its advanced features that will benefit PLM user engagement, and boost to your PLM program.

Key Takeaways:

• Live demo of PLM SMARTBOT in action.

• Role of AI and machine learning in the PLM chatbot development.

Who should attend:

• Key decision-makers like CEO, CTO, CFO, etc.

• Engineering Managers.

• PLM Managers and support staff.

• Anyone interested in leveraging the latest technologies for PLM support enhancement.

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