Is your PLM support, Industry 4.0 ready?

Webinar: How does Smart PLM Support look like in 2021

Date – Wednesday, May 19 2021 | Time – 3:00 PM CET (9:00 AM EST) | Duration – 60 minutes

Event Type – Live Webinar | Cost – Free


The world has entered an era of digital transformation where technologies like big data, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence have created a number of innovations with integration to existing systems. The year 2021 demands leveraging these latest smart technologies to gain complete visibility and control over their existing processes.


PLM implementation has evolved over the years, but the PLM support has not changed. The majority of our users still use traditional ticketing systems, remote helpdesks, and emailing systems for issue escalation. The industry today needs smart and intelligent PLM support. How will it help:

• Automatic issue escalation

• 24×7 monitoring

• Preventive maintenance

• Personalized training and guidance


In this webinar, you will see the role of integrating the latest smart technologies to conventional PLM support and how it benefits the user with a hassle-free experience.  

Key Takeaways:

PLM support in 2021.

• Smart technology integration to PLM.

• User benefits of Smart PLM Support.

Who should attend:

• Key decision-makers like CEO, CTO, CFO, etc.

• Engineering Managers

• PLM Managers and support staff.

• Anyone interested in leveraging the latest technologies for PLM support enhancement.

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