Webinar: Learn how you can increase sales using PLM

Date – Thursday, April 8 2021 | Time – 2:00 PM CET (8:00 AM EST) | Duration – 60 minutes

Event Type – Live Webinar | Cost – Free


The industry is pained by the post-pandemic disruptive effects that have resulted in an unforgiving and competitive market. Companies are facing the following pain points:


• Customer demands more variety and personal touch

• Engineering complexity grows as variety increases

• Reducing price of product is a challenge

• Only way is to embrace technology


The basic economic principle i.e. Production Possibility Curve (PPF) tells us that the only way to get more output using the same resources is by increasing productivity using technology or other means. You might have already invested in CAD and ERP tools for the same reason in past. In this webinar, you will see how Product Lifecycle Management supported by digital transformation can increase your sales at various lifecycle stages and how the benefits outweigh the cost of PLM by a huge margin.

Key Takeaways:

• PLM in a nutshell and why it is absolutely necessary to increase sales

• Role of PLM in various stages of a customer journey

• Minimizing cost and maximizing profits with PLM

Who should attend:

• Key decision-makers like CEO, CTO, CFO, etc.

• Business Development/Sales Team

• Engineering Managers

• PLM Managers

• Anyone who is interested in company’s growth and increasing ROI

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About PLM Nordic AS

PLM and Digital Transformation require both business knowledge as well as technical competency.


Our goal is to provide more business-focused solutions using modern technologies.


We guarantee to increase sales and reduce costs using PLM and Digital Transformation technologies suitable for your business.


For achieving the same we have invested in our own digital labs where we are developing all-around competency that will guarantee success.


We are flexible and agile to customer requirements and offer innovative models.


We are a 3 P (Profit with a Purpose) company meaning we consider Profit, People, and the Planet equally while making business decisions.


Our KANO model ensures that we always deliver more than expected.


Our goal is customer success and not just customer service.